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Manufacturing Operations Management System (MOM)

The most complete manufacturing solution with full support for operations management and a link between industrial automation and business operations

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What is MOM and MOM System?

MOM stands for “Manufacturing Operations Management”. It refers to a holistic approach to manufacturing and operation processes which includes the tracking and optimization of materials, resources, equipment, and people for the purpose of improving the performance of a supply chain.

A MOM system, is a type of production management system used to optimize and streamline the manufacturing process in various industries.

The system provides a centralized platform to monitor and manage various stages of production, quality, planning, maintenance activities and inventory management. MOM systems help manufacturers improve their efficiency, reduce production costs, and increase overall productivity. Its ability to automate and integrate different production processes makes it an essential tool for achieving operational excellence and remaining competitive in the global market. 

How MOM system fits into ISA-95 Pyramid?

The ISA-95 Pyramid, also known as the ISA-95 standard, is a widely recognized model that defines the different levels of automation and information systems in a manufacturing operation. The pyramid has five levels, ranging from level 0 at the bottom to level 4 at the top. 

A MOM system fits into the 95 ISA Pyramid as a system that operates at level 3, which is the manufacturing operations level. At this level, the MOM system integrates with the control systems that operate at the lower levels of the pyramid (levels 0-2) and provides a bridge to the higher levels of the pyramid (level 4). 

At level 3, the MOM system manages the manufacturing operations by collecting data from the lower levels and using it to monitor and optimize the production process. The system provides tools for production planning, scheduling, and execution, as well as quality management, maintenance, and inventory control. It also collects data on production performance and provides real-time monitoring and reporting.  


ISA95 Pyramid MOM System representation

Is there a difference between MOM and MES?

Yes, there is a difference between MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System), although the terms are often used interchangeably. 

MOM is a broader term that encompasses a range of systems, including MES, which is a subset of MOM. MOM refers to the entire set of software applications used to manage and optimise manufacturing operations, while MES is a specific type of software application within the MOM that focuses on managing the execution of production processes. 

Where ANT MOM System fits?

Innovations in the our ecosystem

Sustainability management (enrgy consumption, carbon footprint etc.)

AI-driven optimisation

Edge data collection

How can you benefit from ANT MOM System?


Less time for
filling paper forms

✔️ digital forms filled automatically
✔️ modelling process workflow
✔️ steps divided for roles
✔️ deviations recognizing


Higher machines
up time

✔️ microstops detection with auto name
✔️ algorithm to find root causes
✔️ MTBF analysis per machine/item



✔️ sending recipies on the fly
✔️ centerlining
✔️ operator guidance

When its time to consider ANT MOM System?


Complements advanced MES systems: Even if you have a highly advanced production monitoring MES system, there may still be unknown production problems that remain unresolved. The ANT MOM system can help you identify and resolve these issues by providing real-time visibility into the entire production process. It can help you track production metrics, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency.


Digital documentation: If you are looking to fully digitize your production process and eliminate paper documentation, the ANT MOM system can be a game-changer. It provides a digital platform for tracking and managing production data, including process parameters, quality metrics, and batch records. This can help you streamline your production process, reduce errors, and improve regulatory compliance.


Advanced interoperability: The ANT MOM system is designed to work seamlessly with other IT systems, such as ERP and CMMS systems. It provides advanced interoperability and can help you achieve a seamless flow of information across your organization. This can help you make better-informed decisions, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency.

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What is ANT MOM System?

Operator Panel - Dell on stand-300dpi-paperless
  1. Drag&drop form builder with documentation flow creator
  2. Integrated and automated with machines data and equipment
  3. Full revisions history
  1. Registering each, even the shortest stop of the machine with its reason from PLC
  2. Reading alarms from PLC
  3. Algorithm to assign responsible machine if in the line went into stop, or is malfunctioning
  • Automatic and remote set machine setpoints
  • Controlling the machine and sending its PLC recipes
  • Fully automated changeovers done on-the-fly
  • Inbound and Outbound Interface with external systems like ERP, WMS, APS, etc.
  • Built-in import mechanism from auto-generated and proper structured Excel files
  • Resend mechanism for production reports interface
  • Machine communication with standard TCP and native PLC protocols (OPC DA/UA, Siemens and more)
  • Read data from the automation level: production counters, machines status, process parameters
  • Data buffering if connection lost to preserve all information
  • Start production in a planned sequence, use RFID cards to access the system
  • Display progress, main KPIs and current delay for ongoing production
  • Manual or automatic production reporting with machine states
  • Recurring events automatically request quality inspection thanks to triggers
  • Automatic feedback for the operator (quality limits)
  • Dedicated instruction and documentation
  • Automatically generated quality reports: SPC, Shewhart control charts
  • Manual or automated defect reason reporting
  • The decision to report defects or scrap
  • Reporting defects for components
  • Starting rework production by scanning the rework label or choosing special rework order
  • Automatic validation and guiding via rework technology
  • Configure rework flow for reported defect reason
  • Manufacturing Operations Management System creates various reports for production, machines, quality
  • Dashboard for ongoing production
  • Various angles for data analytics
  • Transparent overview of all areas
  • Top-to-bottom analysis
  • Dedicated dashboards for most important analysis
  • Display digital documentation for Operator (PDF, images, movies)
  • Documentation categorization like changeovers, quality control, maintenance
  • Demand the read confirmation upon the newest version
  • MOM displays production tracking summary for selected machines
  • Display the current shift’s OEE and production delay
  • Real-time data update based on reports or machine’s cycles
  • Failures reporting with its reason and comment
  • Maintenance failure acceptance and its ending
  • Reaction time, repair time and its KPIs monitoring (MTTR, MTBF, MTTF)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management System allows for scanning resources to match components and tools with production.
  • Additional validation
  • Automatic serialization and labeling printing for done production
  • Basic production data modeling: items, routings, factory structure
  • Managing production orders, defects, documentation
  • Managing KPI thresholds, production targets or machine states

How Manufacturing Operations Management System leads your organisation towards operations excellence?

A Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system can lead an organisation towards operations excellence by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing process. MOM systems provide a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of the manufacturing process, including document management, historian reporting, scheduling/dispatching, asset tracking (traceability), and equipment health.

Document Management: MOM systems provide a centralised platform for document management, allowing manufacturers to manage and control critical production documents, such as work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and quality documents. By ensuring that the correct documents are available to the production teams at the right time, MOM systems help to minimise errors and improve compliance.

Historian Reporting: MOM systems provide real-time data collection and reporting capabilities, enabling manufacturers to track and analyse production data in real-time. The historian reporting functionality provides a comprehensive view of the manufacturing process, allowing managers to make informed decisions and quickly identify areas of improvement.

Scheduling/Dispatching: MOM systems provide tools for production planning, scheduling, and dispatching, ensuring that production runs smoothly and efficiently. By automating these processes, MOM systems help to minimise downtime, improve on-time delivery, and optimise production resources.

Asset Tracking (Traceability): MOM systems provide a complete solution for tracking and managing production assets, from raw materials to finished goods. By enabling manufacturers to track materials and finished goods throughout the production process, MOM systems help to improve traceability and quality control.

Equipment Health: MOM systems provide tools for monitoring and managing equipment health, enabling manufacturers to identify and address equipment issues before they result in downtime. By optimising equipment maintenance and reducing downtime, MOM systems help to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Why ANT?

ANT is an independent software provider for modern manufacturing. Our solutions are designed to make production facilities more flexible, adaptable, and efficient. The software enables real-time visibility into your operations and facilitates collaboration between people, data, and systems so that you can spend less time on operational tasks and more time on innovation.

  • Various products in a single scalable platform
  • Integration with all existing systems
  • Connectivity to all machines
  • Business-lnow-how and tehnical knowledge
100 0
years on the market

System Presentation

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Marcin Marczewski industrial software expert

Marcin Marczewski 

MOM Industrial Software Expert


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The short answer is yes, you can also download data from an old machine. In many cases, the older machine under analysis does not have an Ethernet port and it is not possible to use a USB cable to connect the machine to a PC. The most common solution is to get around this problem by duplicating the analog signal to digital or installing additional sensors or cameras that will count successive cycles or batches of production. 

Production data management systems are often used in the cloud because of their ability to scale with the business. It is important that the cloud provider has a high level of security and reliability. The answer is yes.  In the cloud, MOM System can run more efficiently and reliably with less downtime. Some of the benefits of using a PDMS in the cloud include: Reduced upfront costsScalability and flexibilityReduced IT infrastructure costs. 

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Why to get a demo?

  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
  • Live modeling of your production process
  • budget quotation after the meeting

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