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The process of creating incremental changes to products, services, processes, or systems is known as continuous improvement. It is a continuous attempt to improve product and service quality, increase efficiency, and minimize costs. Continuous improvement seeks to discover and improve existing methods and procedures in order to maintain a high degree of quality and consistency.

Continuous improvement applies to all sectors of company and entails a combination of research, analysis, experimentation, and change implementation. It is a continuous process of aiming for perfection while keeping consumer input and market conditions in mind. Continuous improvement can result in better customer happiness, less waste and errors, and increased revenues.


Learn how microstops monitoring, paperless production, interactive meetings or machine control module can boost your productivity, increase production volumes and meet compliance standards. 

Working in production requires continuous improvement of processes and more efficient tools that help in daily activities. At ANT, we understand these needs, which is why we respond to them with additional modules that supplement missing features in the production line.

Microstops monitoring

Locate bottlenecks, measure precise microstops time and find the root cause for slow cycles and production line stops.


ci-icons-automatically detections

Detect automatically each, even the shortest stop of the machine with its reason from PLC

ci-icons-get alarms and data

Do the deep integration with PLC to get even thousands of alarms and production data

ci-icons-responsible machine

The algorithm calculates the responsible machine and its root cause for line stop


ci-icons-accurate data

Get accurate, aggregated, real data to stop the stops

ci-icons-lose availability

Understand why the machines lose availability and have actual data to take actions

ci-icons-manual reporting

Spend less time for manually reporting machine states

Paperless production​

Eliminate paper and paperwork from your production with modern digital tools and forms.​




Replace all paper documents, forms, instructions with the digital version by using the drag&drop tool


Display step by step activities to guide the operator through production and changeover


Fill the data automatically in the forms based on data from machines and production order



Save time and money thanks to paper and paperwork elimination


Ensure that the production process was executed with planned, standardised technology


Reduce human errors and increase production repeatability

Machine control

Automatically upload programs, recipes and set-points to your machines and reduce production launching time.​


mc-icons-automatic and remote

Automatically send setpoints and programs to the machine’s PLC

mc-icons-PLC recipes

Control machine and send its PLC recipes

mc-icons-automated changeovers

Make automated changeovers on-the-fly


mc-icons-time reduction

Reduce changeover time significantly

ci-icons-automatically setpoints

Eliminate human errors by setting machine setpoints automatically

ci-icons-recipes management

Reduce time spent on management of recipe changes

Interactive meetings

Improve your daily production meetings by replacing whiteboards with interactive, digital touchscreens.



Organise a daily meeting with agenda and an automated filled dashboard


Generate charts automatically with real-time data feed

ci-icons-teams progress

Monitor team’s tasks and their progress



Eliminate whiteboards from production with touchscreen


Decrease time spent on daily meetings and shift changes

ci-icons-increase engagement

Increase employees engagement through production transparency

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