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What are ANT FMCG software solutions for manufacturing?

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) software solutions for manufacturing are designed to address the unique challenges of high-volume production environments characterised by long production lines with multiple machines performing various operations, often not without problems such as increasing waste, production stops, or unplanned changeovers. These software solutions provide a comprehensive approach to production management, enabling manufacturers to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely production. 

ANT Solutions provides various FMCG production software to solve common industry problems and increase production value.  That includes OEE Performance monitoring, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), or Micro stops monitoring system designed with FMCG production in mind.

How ANT FMCG Solutions helps production?



We collect signals from every possible machine on the market

  • Production Line Integration: These solutions connect all existing machines and processes within a manufacturing facility into one central system. This integration allows for real-time monitoring and control of the entire production line, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Continuous Production Monitoring: FMCG software solutions offer continuous monitoring capabilities, enabling manufacturers to track production progress, machine performance, and product quality in real time. This real-time data is invaluable for making informed decisions and optimizing production processes.
  • Increased Productivity: With the ability to monitor production continuously, manufacturers can identify bottlenecks, downtime, and inefficiencies more effectively. This leads to increased productivity, as issues can be addressed promptly to minimize disruptions.
  • Cost Reduction: By pinpointing areas of improvement and optimizing resource usage, these solutions help reduce production costs. Manufacturers can make data-driven decisions to minimize waste, energy consumption, and other expenses.
  • Timely Production: Ensuring products are manufactured on time is crucial in FMCG industries. FMCG software solutions help in scheduling and tracking production, ensuring that products are delivered to market when needed.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: FMCG software solutions cater to a range of industries within the FMCG sector, including beverage, food, brewing, spirits, tobacco, cosmetics, household chemicals, and hygiene. This industry-specific focus ensures that the software meets the unique requirements of each sector.
  • Timely Production: Ensuring products are manufactured on time is crucial in FMCG industries. FMCG software solutions help in scheduling and tracking production, ensuring that products are delivered to market when needed.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: FMCG software solutions cater to a range of industries within the FMCG sector, including beverage, food, brewing, spirits, tobacco, cosmetics, household chemicals, and hygiene. This industry-specific focus ensures that the software meets the unique requirements of each sector.

Reduce overall cost of production

Analyse and point out production abnormalities


Increase of Machine Availability

Plan and produce flawlessly without unnecessary changeovers

  • Industry-Specific Solutions: FMCG software solutions cater to a range of industries within the FMCG sector, including beverage, food, brewing, spirits, tobacco, cosmetics, household chemicals, and hygiene. This industry-specific focus ensures that the software meets the unique requirements of each sector.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Manufacturers can make informed decisions based on real data collected from production processes. This includes the correlation of production data with utilities usage, enabling better resource management and sustainability practices.
  • Quality Control: These solutions support quality control processes by providing real-time insights into product quality and the ability to trace and recall products if necessary. This helps maintain high-quality standards, which are critical in FMCG industries.
  • Batch Manufacturing Support: FMCG software solutions are tailored to batch manufacturing processes, ensuring that products are produced consistently and in compliance with industry regulations.

Why ANT FMCG Manufacturing Software?

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operating time increase
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defects quantity reduction
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material consumption reduction
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changeovers time reduction

Choose the right FMCG software for your production


The system focuses on gathering data from machines, reporting production and calculating OEE factor in real-time. OEE Performance Monitoring system helps factories do the first step to monitor production, its progress and have the manufacturing process under control.

  • reduction of downtimes
  • faster production reporting
  • shorter reaction time
operator panel screen with mes system


Micro stops Monitoring Solution is a dedicated tool for FMCG production. We leverage connection with machines and AI to track down the root cause of line stops, giving the possibility to improve production and avoid future production stops. Registering each, even the shortest stop of the machine with its reason from PLC​.

  • Real machine data for lean actions to stop the stops​
  • Less time to manually report machine states by Operator​
  • Deep analyses why machine looses its availability​


Modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a comprehensive OEE Performance Monitoring system with full Traceability, Quality Inspections and Rework management. Focus is put on process standardisation, ensuring periodical quality measurements, validation mechanisms and even more automation.

  • get fewer downtimes and higher production volume
  • ensure traceability 
  • validate and control the production with ease


The Energy Monitoring System (EMS) provides all utility consumption monitoring in real-time used in the factory: electric energy, gas, water, compressed air, heat or steam. It helps find where there are too high utility expenses, standby losses or consumption without production.

  • lower utilities expenses
  • reduce standby utilities losses
  • leaks detection


Version control, digital forms, reports and seamless documentation flow in your entire production facility. This integrated system will streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and improve traceability throughout your production facility, ultimately boosting productivity and quality control.

  • fully digital documentation
  • drag&drop form creation tool
  • documentation flow creation tool
screen with work flow manager

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We give you the numbers

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cigarettes lines with ANT System

Operations we support​:

  • Annealing
  • Bulk
  • Coating
  • Cold end
  • Covering
  • Cutting
  • Depacking
  • Filling
  • Forming
  • Freezing
  • Inspecting
  • Labeling
  • Metal Detecting
  • Mixing
  • Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Soaking
  • Sorting
  • Sauce Making
  • Topping
  • Washing
  • Weighing

Machines we support:

  • Bottle washer
  • Conveyors
  • CPLs/Labelers
  • Crate cover
  • Crate washer
  • Decrater
  • Depalletizer
  • Empty Bottle Inspector (EBI)
  • Fillers (or Filling machines)
  • Full Bottle Inspector (FBI)
  • Inspection equipment
  • Metal Detectors
  • Mixers
  • Packer
  • Palletizer
  • Pasteurizer
  • Sorter
  • Sticker

Product we produce:

  • baked goods
  • beverages
  • biscuits
  • bottles
  • brewing
  • cereals
  • cookies
  • cosmetics
  • dairy
  • films
  • foils
  • grains
  • household chemicals
  • hygiene products
  • ingredients
  • juice
  • oil
  • snacks
  • packed food
  • plastic & alu packaging
  • sugar
  • tobacco
  • water
  • wines & spirits

What are the key features that our FMCG systems offer?

OEE in real-time

Monitor current health of your production in real-time. Analyse OEE (availability, performance, quality) to see where is the place for improvement. Identify best and worst machine, equipment type.

Machine states

Monitor detailed machine’s states: work, idle, changeovers, micro-stops, stoppages and failures. Track current OEE and compare current production volume with set goals

Waste under control

Monitor waste material on production lines in FMCG industry. Automatical identification faulty machines based on data from sensors on the line. Get notification in real-time with exceedances.

Stops reasons

Get detailed analysis why the machines at the production line has stopped. How many and how long were the stoppages. Make a category to distinguish mechanical, electrical and TPM stops.

Standards we deliver

ANT is a proud member of the OPC UA Foundation

In most tobacco factories, the secondary machine communication landscape is highly fragmented, both for machine-to-machine and machine-to-higher systems data streams. The fragmentation is evident on many levels: physical media, protocols, data formats, sometimes proprietary, have added up over time with the machines. Unnecessarily high integration efforts result. Moreover, extracting manufacturing insights from the machine data is a valuable opportunity that is severely limited by the fragmentation.

OPC UA is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform-independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. The commitment to streamlined communication and efficient manufacturing is shared by ANT Solution, a proud member of the OPC UA Foundation.

A joint working group of the OPC Foundation and the TMC (Tobacco Machine Communication) working group created this companion specification. It aims at harmonizing data exchange and interoperability requirements for the common benefit of both cigarette manufacturers and OEMs. ANT Solution’s participation in this endeavor demonstrates their active role in enhancing the standardization and functionality within the tobacco industry.

System Presentation

Contact with our Expert

Piotr Kanka EMS instustrial expert

Piotr Kańka

FMCG Industrial Software Expert


Why to get a demo?

  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
  • Live modeling of your production process
  • budget quotation after the meeting

Related Articles

Innovative manufacturing execution system for the FMCG sector

Advanced IT systems involve not only the automation of production processes but, above all, knowledge systems that allow the integration of data from different areas of a company’s operations and effectively support day-to-day management processes. ANT FMCG Suite offers a modern and proprietary MES system for the effective collection of information directly from production stations in real time. Manufacturing execution system for FMCG is an excellent solution that streamlines and automates all production processes, offering immense management capabilities for manufacturing companies. What else? A dedicated MES for FMCG perfectly complements standard ERP systems.

What is MES (manufacturing execution system for FMCG)?

Are you wondering what MES in FMCG is? An innovative MES system provides continuous monitoring of production and performance. MES, or Manufacturing Execution System, means solutions which are IT technologies combined with elements of automation, used both for continuous monitoring of production processes and for acquiring relevant information about them. All data about the production in progress is collected and then provided to the user in real time, making it possible to react almost immediately to all undesirable phenomena!

MES for FMCG notifies those responsible for production of the actual progress of the production. Functional tools of this type make it possible, among other things, to:

  • keep track of production processes and work in progress
  • track information on the performance of machines, lines or the entire production plant
  • detect downtime and record its causes
  • plan the sequence of execution of individual production orders
  • collect information on defective products and support quality control
  • process and manage information and all documentation electronically
  • perform numerous other tasks.

Mes in FMCG is, above all, powerful support in the decision-making process, which includes the planning of production tasks and their delegation to execution. It is worth noting that skillful use of the data provided allows to significantly boost not only the effectiveness of the production plant but also the efficiency of manufacturing processes!

Manufacturing Execution System for FMCG Industries – a perfect solution for production!

Manufacturing execution system for FMCG is a reliable software that supports a wide variety of industries and manufacturing processes. ANT FMCG Suite provides support for highly complex processes, automated collection of large volumes of data, production to order, assembly of discrete components, batch processes, released products, and much more.

Importantly, by using an MES system, you can gain valuable information: on how to reduce stoppages and about minimalisation of material waste and rejects. FMCG products are a broadly defined group that includes food products, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, chemicals, personal care products, tobacco products, medicines and over-the-counter supplements.

MES for FCMG aims, above all, to ensure the highest quality standards for the customer in an advanced production process. In the food industry, MES includes, among other things, controlling the storage conditions of goods, handling production orders and demands, or handling quality control. Are you wondering why it is worth using an MES for FCMG?

  1. Optimisation – FMCG Industries gain numerous benefits from using MES! Implementation of the system allows optimisation and analysis of processes in order to continuously improve their efficiency, using automatic calculation of key KPIs, such as OEE, MTTR, or CP.
  2. Knowledge backed up by data – a functional MES system will provide full knowledge of resource utilisation, available machine working time, production speeds achieved, and matters relating to production conformance to specifications.
  3. Production process tracking – Manufacturing Execution System for FMCG Industries allows real-time tracking and monitoring of production performance (downtime, micro-downtime, wastage).
  4. Production genealogy – using innovative MES software in the FMCG industry, it is possible to analyse and control product and process quality, execute production orders and track work in progress.
  5. ANT FMCG Suite provides as well the analysis of trends. By using an MES system, you can carry out production according to specification thanks to the ongoing analysis of trends.

FMCG environment is a very dynamic industry!  The biggest challenges in the industry are first and foremost the high volumes of orders, the time and conditions for execution and delivery. The number of intricate processes and the need to adapt to specific storage conditions for individual products can give a headache. A manufacturing execution system is the perfect tailor-made solution for your business, as it will help meet all the existing requirements, while contributing to the increase of effectiveness and scale in FMCG industries!

MES for FMCG – a full range of benefits!

MES for the Packaging & FMCG Industry is an excellent solution for many manufacturing companies. Correct interpretation of MES for FMCG enables optimal decisions to be made and brings many benefits, some of which include:

  • Full details on production
  • Reduced manufacturing cycle
  • Elimination of wastage
  • Less paper documents
  • Shorter downtime
  • Maximum capacity utilisation
  • Process automation
  • Direct integration with machinery
  • Improved visualisation of orders and production

The implementation of our MES for FMCG translates above all into an overall increase in productivity in the FMCG industry!

MES brings numerous benefits both to the FMCG manufacturer and to the employees. The manufacturing execution system offered by ANT is a comprehensive service for all production processes. Starting from the arrival and registration of products, semi-finished products, raw materials through the control of their life cycle to their dispatch to end customers. If you run a manufacturing business, you should not postpone the implementation of MES system – the sooner it starts working, the sooner it will translate into company growth and profits!

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