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Modern industries expect high-tech solutions to meet actual market requirements and changes. ANT is facing with it thanks to modular build, configurable software solutions and scalable platform

Quick Implementation

We do it on time!

• Guarantee project duration in contract

• Pilot project in 2-5 weeks

• Full project in 4-9 months

• Detailed timeline with its monitoring

• Work in SCRUM framework with 2 weeks product increment

one-stop solution for your factory


Machine connectivity

We will connect all your machines!

Successful Project Implementation



We share best practices from realized implementations with our top manufacturing customers.

Our proven solutions bring real value.



Modular build and system flexibility allows focusing on real Clients’ needs and system development as the company grows.

It brings measurable effects in a factory performance directly from implementation.




We take responsibility for the entire project.
From system design, machine connections, hardware delivery and installation to software implementation and 24/7 customer service

Proven Solutions

Perfect fit for your industry

• Ready product – implemented and verified by hundreds of Clients

• Working and tested in different industries

• 600+ implementations completed in small, medium and worldwide corporations

• Worldwide presence (35 countries)

• Ready to launch in a couple of weeks

System integration


Dedicated Team

We know you, you know us!

• Team of 10 engineers dedicated to the project

• Direct contact

• The same team for roll-outs

• Professional project management

• Best software implementation practices


You need changes and that’s OK!

• Any modification is possible

• System is flexible to be adjusted to production processes and its uniqueness

• We work in our own system platform (AOS)

• ANT owns the source code

• No 3rd party applications

Business understanding

Your success is our success

• Focus on business value & project goals oriented

• Solving real production challenges

• Experience in top manufacturing companies gather during 16 years

• Consultancy based on experience in various industries and our Center of Excellence

• Experience with optimization programs (IWS, Lean, Kaizen)

Modern technologies

Don’t stay behind…

• Cloud support (Azure, AWS, MQTT)

• Clean and user-friendly dashboards – thanks to UI and UX design

• Automated mechanisms for deployment of the new version (DevOps)

• Modern programming languages (JavaScript (JS), TypeScript (TS), Node.js, React)

• Can be run on mobile devices


We can translate the system according to your needs

Industry 4.0 – this is what the fourth industrial revolution is changing!

Today, every growing factory is familiar with the term Industry 4.0. Manufacturers not only admire modern solutions, but also want them to become a permanent feature of their production lines. What exactly is Industry 4.0? What solutions does it offer? Which Industry 4.0 technologies were implemented in ANT? And what benefits does it mean for production?

What does Industry 4.0 mean?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0), that is the concept of Industry 4.0, suggests that we are in one of the next phases of industrial development.

Industry 4.0 means deep digitization of processes. All systems and machines are interconnected. The activities are aimed at full automation. What are the key factors of this idea of the industrial revolution?

Autonomous machines work with people and learn from them. 3D simulation enables virtual planning and testing of production. In this way, the optimized technology plan that gives the best effect can be selected. Another aspect is the integration of information systems at every level, from suppliers to customers. One of the key definitions of Industry 4.0, is the Industrial Internet of Things. Machines are equipped with sensors and connected. Data collected in real-time allows reacting immediately. Another factor is augmented reality and big data. Ongoing data collection is the first step, but only their use shows all the available process optimization possibilities.

Each of the factors of Industry 4.0 comes down to digitization, automation, and the possibility of introducing changes in real-time.

How does ANT use Industry 4.0 technologies?

ANT takes advantage of technological possibilities, providing users with direct machine connectivity and mutual collaboration. It enables modern plants to achieve performance indicators that previously seemed impossible. What Industry 4.0 technologies is ANT using?

  • Machine Connectivity – we can collect data from each machine. You do not have to worry about the old generation machinery park, we will also deal with it! We use dedicated solutions and modern IoT architecture.
  • Quick implementation – we have extensive experience in implementing the system in various industries around the world, so we can estimate the time of this task. The pilot project is ready in 2-5 weeks, the full project in 4-9 months.
  • System integration – no more double reporting. Our system is capable of being integrated not only with ERP but also with any other system. This means gathering information in one place and saving time on the exchange of information between systems.
  • Modifications – the system is 80% ready for implementation. The rest are modifications that can be developed specifically for the needs of a given customer. We believe that any modification is possible. We own the source code and work on our platform.
  • Modern technologies – we use modern architecture solutions to guarantee the safety and stability of production processes. The dashboard complies with the UI and UX rules, making the use of the system intuitive. The design of the system has also been adapted to mobile devices.

Industry 4.0 solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions are completely changing the face of manufacturing operations. Some of the most widespread and irreplaceable options are internal management systems. They are combined into a network of interconnections. They collect, store and process data. MES is responsible for carrying out efficient manufacturing processes, WMS allows effective management of warehouse resources, and the connection of EMS ensures continuous control of energy consumption. Industrial Revolution 4.0 helps automate processes.

Manufacturing 4.0 does not mean getting rid of the human being from the production floor. An Industry 4.0 uses advanced computing capabilities of computers to enable decision-making by systems, thus allowing manufacturing plants to achieve ever higher productivity rates.

But the most important thing is the documented effects. The effectiveness of our solutions is proven by their use in over 600 factories around the world. They operate in various industries – FMCG, tobacco, pharma, automotive, aviation and others.

What other Industry 4.0 solutions do we use in ANT?

  • Dedicated team – a team of experienced specialists will be dedicated to implementing the pilot line and other projects into the system in your company. Each project is handled by 10+ qualified engineers with the best software implementation practices. Moreover, we can be responsible for further stages of the project, such as infrastructure adaptation, hardware, implementation, customization, and integration. All solutions from one supplier save time to communicate your needs to individual contractors.
  • Business understanding – our experience in top manufacturing companies allows us to solve real production challenges. We are focused on business value and have experience with optimization ideas like Lean and Kaizen. In ANT we make sure that the ROI of our solution pays for itself within 12-24 months.

Industry 4.0 – which companies can implement it?

Which companies are affected by industrial revolution 4.0? Technologies are changing the face of manufacturing in all industry sectors. They are used by the aviation, automotive, food and cosmetics industries. They can be tested by anyone who wants to see for themselves what Industry 4.0 is capable of modern manufacturing, incorporating cutting-edge solutions, guarantees an uninterrupted supply chain and a number of new customers satisfied with products of impeccable quality.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is changing the face of every manufacturing company, whether global giants or smaller manufacturing players who wish to grow.

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