Laboratory information Management System (LIMS)

LIMS automates laboratory operations, improving workflow efficiency.

ANT Solutions LIMS

ANT Solutions brings you the most comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to support GMP compliant operations across organizations of all sizes. Our LIMS is thoughtfully engineered to adapt to your growth, be it expanding user base, multi-team structures, or multi-site operations, with minimum disruption to your existing business processes. ANT’s LIMS ensures compliance across all key legal documents related to pharmaceutical production.  

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Definition and Purpose of LIMS: A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a specialized software designed to enhance lab productivity and efficiency by managing sample data, experiments, workflows, and instruments. Acting as an additional team member, LIMS automates processes and ensures accurate tracking of crucial information, including sample details, data, workflows, and quality control results.

Comprehensive Lab Management: LIMS software allows active management of the entire lab process, covering tasks such as instrument maintenance, sample tracking, personnel management, and consumables inventory. It centralizes all laboratory processes into one location, streamlining operations and fostering standardization, leading to reduced human errors and increased overall efficiency.

Benefits and Features


Automate laboratory operations and improve workflow efficiency.


Unified platform for data storage and management, ensuring easy access to essential information for better decision-making and analysis.


Ensure better regulatory compliance and improve products quality

ANT LIMS functionalities


refers to the systematic handling, monitoring, and analysis of samples, including creating sampling instructions, generating labels, scheduling and logging tests, and integrating with systems like SAP, to ensure compliance with protocols and deliver accurate results.


involve defining protocols with time-points, conditions, levels, and test articles, allowing testing to be assigned to each cell in the protocol, requiring approval before starting, and supporting the generation of product master lists and sample labels.

Specefication and
Test Methods Management

involves supporting multiple levels of product specifications with version control and approval, defining sample plans and allowed suppliers, integrating analytical methods with training information, and linking to related documents.

Results entry,
Review and Approval

involve a flexible result entry process with manual and file-based import options, result validation logic, automatic highlighting of out-of-specification results, complex result calculations, test comments and attachments, ad-hoc result entry, configurable calculations triggered by data entry, dynamic Certificate of Analysis generation with review and approval, and provision for investigations and re-testing of Out of Specification and Out of Trend tests.

Reports, KPI
and Data Management

involve generating customizable printable reports for samples, tests, projects, and analytical runs, integrating real-time data for business intelligence tools and analytics dashboards with drill-down capabilities and predefined KPI dashboards.

Equipment Management

involves a system that connects to instrumentation, reads values, supports various connection methods, parses instrument files, applies processing rules, provides instrument check and calibration alerts, and generates calibration/maintenance reports.

Material and
Inventory Management

involves a transaction-based application for maintaining and tracking inventory of chemicals, reagents, glassware, instrument spares, certified reference material, and consumables, with features for inventory entry, MSDS maintenance, label generation, stock characteristics definition, and common inventory transactions.

Lab Notebook (ELN)

is a built-in, fully integrated system for method execution, sample preparation, and complex calculations, capable of seamless data exchange with core LIMS and existing DMS modules, providing user-friendly data input and interfacing with equipment and CDS tools.


The Interface in the system enables bidirectional and uni-directional integration with various equipment, supporting multiple interface standards, industry-leading software, MES communication, and third-party interfaces while ensuring data integrity and ease of configuration.

How ANT Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) makes a difference in production?

Modular and Scalable LIMS for Global Expansion

We offer a scalable LIMS solution that serves the needs of small organizations and is robust enough to handle the complex requirements of global enterprise-level corporations. Our modular system allows sequential implementation of every module, aligning perfectly with the varying needs of your organization.

Our LIMS features a dynamic configurable dashboard that displays graphical workflow and allows role-based access rights, simplifying the process of adding and configuring new roles. The dashboard integrates seamlessly with Business Intelligence (BI) functionality tools such as PowerBI or SAP BI, providing real-time data reporting, analytics, and management summaries.

Role-Based Access Rights & Advanced Security

ANT Solutions ensures the security of your data by enabling role-based access rights. Each user is granted access to data and functionalities based on their role within the system, protecting sensitive data and enhancing security. Our LIMS supports unique user authentication via LDAP/Active Directory and customizable password policies, further fortifying the system.

Highly Compatible and User-Friendly LIMS

Our LIMS is a web-based application requiring no installations on the client side. We ensure compatibility with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and provide easy integration with third-party bar-coding solutions and devices. Our system also supports flexible filtering and search operations, enabling you to easily query data records from the database based on document content and metadata.

Electronic Record Protection & Audit Trail Capability

We prioritize the protection of your electronic records and provide controls to ensure they are available during the data retention period. Our LIMS detects invalid or altered data entry records and supports Electronic Signature (E-sig) functionality, designed to meet FDA 21 CFR 11 /EU GMP Annex 11 electronic records and signatures rule.

Our system offers full audit trail capability with configurable settings for what items or events are audit-trailed. The audit trail includes the date and time of operator entries or actions, previous data values before the audit event, and reasons for change. Users can search for specific records in the audit trail and export extracts, facilitating transparency and accountability.

Seamless Integration & Document Management

Our LIMS allows for seamless two-way integration with existing SAP and DMS functionality in the same unified platform. Our system supports the handling of different types of laboratory documents like docx, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, among others. Document workflows can be configured to cover multi-stage approval and release processes for documents

Reliable LIMS Vendor

At ANT Solutions, we bring you a ready-to-deploy LIMS application solution with proven records of successful implementations. Our experienced implementation team and ISO 9001 certified software production ensure a seamless LIMS experience. We allow representatives of your QA to audit our Vendor QMS as part of an on-site/remote visit.

At ANT Solutions, we aim to provide a holistic LIMS experience with top-notch features and security measures. Partner with us and accelerate your journey towards advanced, secure, and user-friendly laboratory information management.

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