MES For Military and defense INDUSTRY

Military precision in production management


Machine connectivity

Top machine connectivity solutions on the market. Collect production data in real time from all devices.


OEE, Quality Traceability

Precise OEE calculation and proven traceability solutions to keep production going with consistent quality.



Plan and reschedule production with Advanced Planning and Scheduling software, designed to plan accordingly based on available materials in stock.

MES is a beneficial solution for the production of military equipment due to the provision of greater visibility of the progress of production orders and control over the entire production process. Implementing an MES allows monitoring and validation of materials, tracking of production operations and quality, and identification of areas for improvement.

The MES also enables more efficient production management. By providing real-time data, manufacturers can quickly detect areas of inefficiency and take corrective action to reduce waste and improve production efficiency. This can have a particularly large impact on military productions, where specific procedures are required to produce high quality and safe products.

The quality module guides the operator through the inspection process and collects results in real time, allowing manufacturers to more quickly detect any non-conformities or problems in production and automatically generate SPC charts. Early detection of an unstable production process helps prevent costly errors and repair work.

An MES system can improve communication between departments, helping to ensure that information is exchanged and executed in a timely manner. By tracking production, we can be assured that each stage of the process is performed on time and to the required specifications.

We give you the numbers

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failures time reduction
0 %
changeover time reduction
0 %
maintenance reaction time reduction
0 %
energy consumption reduction
0 mln
cycles on bending machines yearly
0 mln
cycles on CNC machines
0 mln
shipped finished goods yearly
0 mln
chosen laser programs yearly

Products for Manufacturing Industries

Operations we support​

  • aging
  • assembly
  • automated assembly
  • automated welding
  • bending
  • CNC machining
  • cutting
  • dosing components
  • drawing
  • EOL test units
  • extrusion
  • final packaging
  • flow forming
  • injection
  • labeling
  • laser welding
  • manual assembly
  • manual welding
  • marking
  • milling
  • montage
  • packaging
  • pressing
  • printing
  • programming electronics
  • stranding
  • test, quality & rework
  • rooms
  • thermoforming
  • welding
  • winding

Machines we support

  • assembly
  • stations/machines
  • bending machine
  • conveyors
  • CNC
  • injection machines
  • inspection machines
  • laser
  • oven
  • press
  • pressure test machines
  • punching machine
  • quality control machines
  • robots
  • welding machines/
  • welders

Product we produce

  • carpet
  • covering
  • dish washers
  • energy
  • felt
  • fiber
  • foil
  • household goods
  • light bulbs
  • metal components
  • packages
  • PCB boards
  • plastic components
  • refrigerator
  • riders
  • screens
  • TV
  • welding wire
Measurements right from PLC Integrate automation measurements and control its process parameters to be within quality limits. Ensure that your process is stable. Digital your technology into activities, steps and actions.
Analyze defects Pareto analysis shows where to start production improvements. Monitor defects and stoppages reasons in real-time based on automatically gathered data from machines. Make your production transparent.
Guide operator step by step Step by step digital instructions and documentation for operators at assembly stations and lines to follow paperless production. Include images, movies, documents. Monitor action time for optimization
Quality limits Control cards are being automatically filled based on data from machines, devices or equipment. Monitor and react on reaching to high quality limit and get online notifications.
Machine data acquisition Gather signal values from PLC and automation level to monitor and analyse production. Data is tracked and traced to ongoing production order and serialized product to have full traceability

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