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The manufacturing company faces challenges in eliminating late and unreliable data and finishing production orders on time.

It is why you need a complete MES class solution that connects your machines in real-time with notifications and reliable data to make decisions. The modern manufacturing company needs to monitor the production process, know its progress, control quality measurements and compare them to tolerances. At the same time, it’s crucial to increase the availability of machines with keeping production costs on the same level.

ANT Smart Factory is dedicated to packaging, metal, plastic, wood, and other productions. Finally you can make decision based on real data and correlate production data with utilities usage.

We give you the numbers

0 %
failures time reduction
0 %
changeover time reduction
0 %
maintenance reaction time reduction
0 %
energy consumption reduction
0 mln
cycles on bending machines yearly
0 mln
cycles on CNC mahcines
0 mln
shipped finished goods yearly
0 mln
chosen laser programs yearly

Products for Manufacturing Industries

Operations we support

final packaging
automated assembly
flow forming
automated welding
programming electronics
CNC machining
laser welding
manual assembly
test, quality & rework rooms
dosing components
manual welding
EOL test units

Machines we support

assembly stations/machines
inspection machines
punching machine
bending machine
quality control machines
welding machines/ welders
injection machines
pressure test machines

Product we do

plastic components
household goods
dish washers
light bulbs
metal components
PCB boards
welding wire
Measurements right from PLC Integrate automation measurements and control its process parameters to be within quality limits. Ensure that your process is stable. Digital your technology into activities, steps and actions.
Analyze defects Pareto analysis shows where to start production improvements. Monitor defects and stoppages reasons in real-time based on automatically gathered data from machines. Make your production transparent.
Guide operator step by step Step by step digital instructions and documentation for operators at assembly stations and lines to follow paperless production. Include images, movies, documents. Monitor action time for optimization
Quality limits Control cards are being automatically filled based on data from machines, devices or equipment. Monitor and react on reaching to high quality limit and get online notifications.
Machine data acquisition Gather signal values from PLC and automation level to monitor and analyse production. Data is tracked and traced to ongoing production order and serialized product to have full traceability

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ANT Smart Factory – will you seize the opportunity to grow your business?

The industrial revolution that has been with us for the last dozen or so years is taking the manufacturing industry to a level that our ancestors never even dreamed of. Modern companies are doing everything they can to keep up with the constant changes. ANT Smart Factory is an effective industrial machine connectivity solution.

We are well aware that it is smart manufacturing that makes some companies stand out in the market. How do smart factories work? And what can you do to make your plant one of them?

What are the characteristics of smart factories?

Being smart means being able to perceive, analyse and adapt to change. It is also the ability to learn and apply new knowledge in practice, as well as the understanding of cause and effect sequences, the ability to react effectively and to solve problems.

This is exactly how a smart factory works! Advanced technology programs offer Connected Solutions that couple the internal system with every element of the production line.

Smart factories implement dedicated options to facilitate real-time production monitoring and enterprise resource planning. In this way, they guarantee customers a secure supply chain without any delays. Software in the form of MES, WMS, EMS, and all other systems used to manage production allows high efficiency rates to be achieved at the lowest possible cost. These systems are integrated not only with the plant’s internal network but also with each other, thus being able to exchange information in real time.

Is smart manufacturing your domain?

The industrial internet of things is based on modern solutions. Shop floor space is getting filled because the smart factory is delivering items made with the utmost precision in a timely manner.

Which industries are most likely to use a solution like smart manufacturing? All that produce high-risk goods or produce high volumes of products in a year. This therefore includes the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive, food and even logistics industries.

ANT system supports such machines as conveyors, CNC machining tools, injection molding machines, lasers, ovens, dishwashers, welders, robots or quality control machines. It is suitable for floor coverings, household goods, glass, plastic and metal components, TV sets or light bulbs. Whatever the industry – nothing is impossible for ANT! It keeps the shop floor constantly filled with new products.

How do smart solutions affect the production process?

The goal of any manufacturing plant is to achieve the highest possible OEE. An average factory achieves a ratio of just 60%. The best manufacturers in the world can boast a ratio of 85% or more.

Each action implemented is a struggle for fractions of a percent. World-class companies are choosing Connected Solutions to monitor production. In doing so, they create smart factories, and constant optimisation allows them to quickly overtake the competition.

The Industrial Machine Connectivity Solution allows three key factors to be maintained at over 90%. These are: availability, performance, and quality.

How does the ANT Smart Factory work?

Our software enables real-time production monitoring and combines all the solutions that affect the optimisation of your operations.

The ANT Smart Factory maximises availability by reducing breakdown times by 35% and changeover times by 28%. It also eliminates the occurrence of micro-downtimes and optimises the process of preparing machine settings for subsequent processes. The reaction time itself is reduced by 140%. The energy consumption monitoring system makes it possible to reduce power consumption by up to 15% a year.

Smart factory uses available resources to increase efficiency. Why fight for every second? Here is a simple calculation. Producing one million pieces a year and saving just one second on each piece adds up to almost 300 extra working hours! Every second that a company gains through optimisation means extra profit.

In doing so, companies also avoid waste. Specialised machinery costs many millions and has a lifespan of a dozen or several dozen years. The longer the daily non-productive time, the more money is wasted by the factory. The production process using an advanced system also enables remote quality control.

Modern real-time production monitoring solutions

Smart manufacturing means fully automated and remote control of your business. It reduces the time needed to manage the business and reduces the operating costs. A smart factory is a long-term investment with a guarantee of return. And what’s more, a smart factory can quickly become a leader in its industry. Give yourself this chance!

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