Make your meetings more meaningful

Conduct effective and substantive site meetings. Increase the agility of your managers by effectively controlling the progress of your objectives. Be well-prepared for meetings at all times, obtain maximum employee focus and raise the productivity of the entire team!

Collaborate, describe and discuss like never before!

Is your team easily distracted in daily meetings? Service meetings drag on endlessly with unsatisfactory results? Convert long and uninformative meetings into short and concrete discussions of the most important topics. Choose Interactive Meetings and, together with your team, focus on what really matters!

Smooth cooperation

Prepare for a call by creating a template for a construction meeting from ready-made elements using drag&drop. Assign tasks online and monitor their progress.

Clear message

Show employees their results and goals clearly. Indicate what is important, what requires attention. Motivate people and use visualisation that will be noticed, remembered and arouse good emotions.

Paperwork under control

Track document flow performance to speed up the process and make it manageable. Easily check the status of a selected document and reorder it to release the product to the customer ASAP.

Effective meetings

Discuss the data online, finish the meeting on time, record the findings and get to work. Start the next meeting by reviewing the results from the previous meeting. Check the progress of the work on an ongoing basis.

Why ANT's Interactive Meetings?


Build meeting template
from ready controls using drag&drop


Automated generated
charts with real-time data feed


On-line actions assignment
and progress monitoring

Interactive meetings - Solve 5 key problems

In most companies, conducted meetings are too long and inefficient. Participants admit to browsing through their mailbox or doing side tasks during the meeting. The main cause of this problem lies in poor organisation. With Interactive Meetings, a company can change its meeting policy – from long and vague to short and substantive.

1. Get maximum focus


  • In standard desktop or online meetings, attention is very easily distracted by unnecessary chatter or deviation from the topic if the meeting does not have a strict agenda.
  • Business meetings often become artificially prolonged, which reduces the continued effectiveness of the meeting participants and has the effect of underachieving objectives.



  • Interactive meetings follow a well-defined agenda, with a set structure for the meeting and a smooth transition between topics to eliminate information chaos and focus on the most important issues.
  • Strict adherence to the plan when conducting the meeting motivates participants to discuss only the designated topics.

2. Set clear and specific goals


  • The information communicated at the meeting is vague and lacks substance.
  • Employees do not know exactly what outcome is expected of them, and communication problems then translate into a deterioration in the efficiency of operations on the shop floor.



  • Interactive meetings rely on data in the form of easy-to-read charts and reports, making objectives clear and easy to understand for all meeting participants.
  • Interactive whiteboards support communication by allowing people to visually highlight key information or add their own annotations.

3. Always be prepared with up-to-date data


  • Standard solutions require sources of information to be prepared in advance for the presenter or other meeting participants, for example in the form of printed reports.
    Preparing information in advance is time-consuming and, in the case of unforeseen equipment problems, can also translate into a prolonged meeting or, worse, information gaps.



  • Interactive whiteboards linked to the system give a real-time view of the data, and a huge database and automatically generated reports or charts based on the data are available at a glance.
  • The use of an interactive whiteboard alone is sufficient to convey a large amount of varied information to meeting participants.

4. Delegate tasks in an instant


  • The flow of information at a standard meeting means that delegation of tasks is done only verbally or in a way that usually requires additional confirmation, such as an email.
  • Failure to complete the formalities of delegating a task can cause communication problems and delay the goal.



  • Interactive meetings make it possible to delegate a task to a specific person in a split second.
  • Tasks assigned online can then be monitored for completion.

5. Get maximum focus

  • Stationary meetings require meeting at a specific place and time.
  • In the case of industrial halls, the meeting means time-consuming travel around the plant.

  • Interactive online meetings can be conducted from anywhere, even if the presenter and participants are in different locations.
  • Once the meeting is over, everyone returns directly to their duties and focuses on completing the tasks set out moments earlier.

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Increase your team's effectiveness with ANT Interactive Meetings!

At ANT, we are engaged in the professional creation of dedicated software to support industrial plants in efficient production meeting the assumptions of Industry 4.0. Based on the experience of our clients, we know how the effectiveness of meetings on the shop floor translates into the efficiency and quality of work of the entire team and the value of the results achieved. To facilitate the efficient exchange of communication, we have developed Interactive Meetings. Our customisable software, integrated with other systems, allows you to focus on the business objective and conduct substantive discussions based on real data taken from the machines.

Do you want to run efficient, substantive and effective meetings in your company? Choose our offer! A dedicated team will prepare a solution tailored to your company’s needs. Choose Interactive Meetings from ANT and increase the agility of your management! Monitor progress, enforce performance and support employees in achieving their goals together – quickly, efficiently and from anywhere!

Interactive meetings are a new way of working where people can collaborate and make decisions in real-time based on data, right in front of one or multiple screens.  

Interactive meetings are not just a new way to work, they also have many benefits. They allow teams to have more face-to-face time with colleagues, they allow to be more creative and they help to build stronger relationships with team members. 

A shift meeting is a meeting that takes place at the end of a work shift. The purpose of this meeting is to review the day’s work, discuss any problems and plan for tomorrow. There are several ways to make these meetings more efficient. One way is to automate generated charts with real-time data feed and online actions assignment and progress monitoring. 

This method requires less time from the managers as they will not be required to review all the data themselves, but instead can just look at the charts that show how much work has been done by each person on their team during their shift. 

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