Make your meetings more meaningful and fun

Collaborate, describe and discuss like never before!

Efficient meetings

Discuss the data on-line, finish on time, save the arrangements and go. Start the next meeting by checking the results from the previous one. This is an interactive meeting.

Clear message

Show employees their results and goals clearly. Indicate what is important, what requires attention. Motivate people and use visualization that will be noticed, remembered and arouse good emotions.

Paperwork under control

Track the document flow performance to speed up the process and make it manageable. It’ll be easy to check the status of the selected document and change its order, to release the product to the customer ASAP.

Why ANT's Interactive Meetings?


Build meeting template
from ready controls using drag&drop


Automated generated
charts with real-time data feed


On-line actions assignment
and progress monitoring

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Interactive meetings are a new way of working where people can collaborate and make decisions in real-time based on data, right in front of one or multiple screens.  

Interactive meetings are not just a new way to work, they also have many benefits. They allow teams to have more face-to-face time with colleagues, they allow to be more creative and they help to build stronger relationships with team members. 

A shift meeting is a meeting that takes place at the end of a work shift. The purpose of this meeting is to review the day’s work, discuss any problems and plan for tomorrow. There are several ways to make these meetings more efficient. One way is to automate generated charts with real-time data feed and online actions assignment and progress monitoring. 

This method requires less time from the managers as they will not be required to review all the data themselves, but instead can just look at the charts that show how much work has been done by each person on their team during their shift. 

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