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Batch manufacturing in Pharma is a step-by-step production process that must be documented with the complete history.

This is why you need a complete solution that reduces your paperwork and ensures process compliance with GMP and GAMP. Pharma production companies require automated data collection, real-time in-process control and step-by-step operator instructions to confirm all necessary steps during the manufacturing process.

ANT PHARMA Suite is a solution dedicated to improving efficiency for the production of drugs, biocides, vaccines, supplements, cosmetics and supports liquid, injectables, solid, capsules, powder production. Finally you can make decision based on real data and correlate production data with utilities usage.

We give you the numbers

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run at full speed time increase
0 %
micro-stops time reduction
0 %
batch release time reduction
0 %
set up time reduction
0 mln
tablets produced and packed yearly
0 bln
ampoules and eye drops filled yearly
0 bln
tubes of creams and toothpaste filled every year
0 bln
packing lines with ANT System

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OEE Performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring (OEE) Connect and gather data from your machines. Schedule a Demo They Trusted Us: Key Benefits OEEincrease ✔️ shorter downtimes ✔️ faster production

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Operations we support

bottles filling
capsule filling
wet granulation

Machines we support

ampul packers
case packing machines
powder fillers
bag fillers
depalletizing equipment
tablet counting machines
blister packers
labeling equipment
unit dosing machines
bottle cappers
liquid fillers
vial filling equipment
bottle fillers
overwrapping machines
weighing equipment
bundling machines
wrapping machines
cartoning machines
palletizing equipment

Products we do

eye drops
nose sprays
Machine connectivity System is connected to machines and its equipment – in this case to scale on Siemens PLC over OPC. Based on the planned tasks and activities, system is checking process parameters (weight) in real-time and make sure it is in quality limits.
Built-in modern dashboards Aggregated data are used to display automated reports. Choose any date period, machine or any production area (factory, department) to get OEE, KPI, stoppage reasons and their impact on production.
Scheduling algorithm Using optimization algorithms and production history data like real cycle time, downtimes, defects and OEE, Real-Time Scheduler calculates the most real, fastest, cheapest and on-time schedule.
Full Traceability Traceability and batch record for pharmacy and cosmetics industry with production data like components batches, operators, quantity, weight, changeover time, uptime, downtime, failures, speed loss and waste.
Operator Panel Operator is guided by system with no paper. After logging with RFID card, operator selects production order and monitor progress in real-time. Data from production machines is gathered in one platform and current production goal can be tracked.

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    MES system – a modern solution for the pharmaceutical industry

    The process of product manufacturing is time consuming, costly, and requires constant updates. Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for solutions to increase production efficiency and achieve savings. This is where the manufacturing execution system comes in. The pharmaceutical industry is no exception.

    Manufacturing execution system for pharmaceutical industry is another step into the technological future. How does a Manufacturing Execution System for pharma industries work, and what are the benefits?

    MES system for pharmacy – how does it work?

    The MES system is a modern software which allows to completely manage the production process. It enables work planning, continuous monitoring of performed actions, efficient execution and optimisation of activities.

    These are just some of the many advantages of the manufacturing execution system for pharma. How does the state-of-the-art pharma MES software work? MES for pharma collects historical and current data. It also allows exporting data to XLS or CSV formats, which enables creating reports and analysing them for further optimisation.

    And what does MES for pharma mean in practice? The remote management of the production of drugs and food supplements involves a great responsibility. Substances must be stored under appropriate conditions, and any exceptions to the rule should be removed as soon as possible. Therefore, Manufacturing Execution System for pharma industries is a mandatory element for any manufacturing company operating in this industry. MES in pharmaceutical industry are also chemical process control solutions related to the production of drugs.

    Production planning, control and execution with ANT PHARMA Suite

    ANT PHARMA Suite is a revolutionary Manufacturing Execution System for pharma industries. It is perfect for the production of substances in the form of tablets, syrups, creams, or liquids. Such MES systems in pharma are irreplaceable. Their universal formulation allows to manufacture any product at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

    Our state-of-the-art MES for pharmaceutical manufacturing supports all drug manufacturing operations, such as ingredient mixing, capsule filling, weighing or granulation.

    The fully integrated pharma MES software allows remote monitoring of any machine currently involved in the manufacturing process. It can be connected to packaging, blistering or weighing equipment.

    Modern Manufacturing Execution System for Pharma Industries

    What opportunities does the Manufacturing Execution System for pharma industries provide? First of all, it provides safety. MES systems in pharma enable real-time monitoring of the batches produced. If it turns out that a substance that is part of a drug has been stored incorrectly, the manufacturer can react immediately and stop the production of a specific batch and not all the components moving along the production line.

    Biotech production is not among the cheapest industry sectors. Through continuous optimisation, you can achieve savings by cutting unnecessary costs and thus lowering or keeping the price of the final products constant.

    Reducing micro-downtime by 35% is just one of the many benefits this manufacturing execution system for pharma offers. This means colossal savings for the pharmaceutical industry! Even if we gain 5–7 seconds of surplus for a final product, given the billions of dollars of drug production, companies can produce much more of it over the course of a year.

    Therefore, there must be a manufacturing execution system for pharma in place. The pharmaceutical industry needs to remain efficient in getting the right amounts of drugs to market.

    Why use MES in pharmaceutical industry?

    What are the main benefits of using MES in pharma? First of all, constant communication with all equipment responsible for production. ANT PHARMA Suite controls the parameters of ingredients in real time, eliminating the possibility of substance overdosing.

    Another opportunity offered by the Manufacturing Execution System for pharma industries is full batch traceability and transparency of production data.

    MES for pharmaceutical manufacturing also allows for increased productivity by reviewing historical data on actual cycle and downtime times, based on which an actual work plan is created.

    Production reliability and cost optimisation – this is the value of MES for pharma today. Technological progress makes us look to the future with interest and confidence.

    There is probably no doubt that MES in pharma represents a real breakthrough. With this solution, pharmaceutical process control becomes trivially simple and effective!

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