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Digital transformation – another step into the future

Digital transformation has reshaped the way every industry operates. Special services enabled us to get rid of tons of paper, and we keep all data neatly organised in electronic form. An additional advantage is the elimination of errors resulting from the human factor. All data is taken directly from the machines. We can choose to store data in the cloud and use the SaaS model, available wherever we have a network connection, or use local servers. How else has digitization changed us?

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means changing the way data is collected and processed. Initially, we are thinking of transferring analogue documentation to computer units, but it reaches much further.

What is digital transformation? It is a transformation that reshapes manufacturing, business, or the supply chain. The ANT system digitizes the full path of production processes, starting from downloading data from the machine, through data analysis, information reporting, and implementation of the production plan with maximum efficiency.

How is digital transformation affecting business models?

Digital transformations are changing the approach to doing business. This service is chosen by different manufacturing plants, regardless of their size or the segment of customers they serve. Even small businesses know that carrying out digitization today translates into wide-ranging opportunities tomorrow. This is why, as early as at the business plan stage, small companies look for digital transformation initiatives and follow their example.

Digital transformation services make team communication much easier and faster. Each crew member can see in real time the state of machine and production order that is currently working on. As a result, they do not repeat their actions unnecessarily. Everyone does what they are supposed to do, thus increasing team productivity. This would not have been possible if it were not for the digital business transformation.

What is the digital transformation strategy about?

The digital transformation strategy is based on the main pillar: the needs of production. It must become more and more efficient. At the same time, the result must be of high quality. Each department of a modern plant requires system support. Planning, implementation, quality, maintenance – at each of these stages, digital transformation significantly facilitates and speeds up work. The aim of the strategy, on the other hand, is to reduce costs, increase efficiency and digitise distribution channels.

Digital transformation roadmap

What can the digital transformation roadmap look like? It consists of 4 components:

  • OEE Performance Monitoring. OEE allows monitoring performance, availability, and quality indicators in real time. It allows you to find points for improvement in the production process and raise the indicators to the level expected by the customer.
  • The software supports quality control process, traceability and paperless production
  • Energy Monitoring System allows for ongoing utilities monitoring in the plant and shows the real costs of manufacturing
  • Real-time Scheduling allows to make the production schedule and escalates risks of not finishing the production order on time

When creating such a map, we should define the areas of transformation, paying attention to which changes we are most interested in and which domains they will concern. These can be divided, for example, into: production, maintenance, quality, and planning. Each of these four components will have a specific impact on all the areas discussed. Digital transformation services drive the evolution of business processes to the next level.

How are digital technologies changing production?

Digital technology makes production greener thanks to paperless documentation. The same fact additionally speeds up communication between factory departments. All irregularities are noticed in real time and can be repaired immediately. Digital transformation also improves production efficiency. Integration of systems and utilities allows you to achieve higher performance indicators and obtain high-value products. At the same time, it allows you to find and eliminate weak points and minimize production costs. All of this also means a more positive working environment.

Cloud data storage fitting into the digital transformation framework is a good option for facilitates scalability and reduces entry costs. This software is available while using any utilities. It also allows you to freely share data in real time.

ANT Smart Factory solution – what does it mean for your company?

Digitization means reduced costs, a higher effectiveness ratio, and a chance for faster expansion. However, we can already guarantee that anyone who once experiences how digital technology is changing production will never go back to the analogue solutions of the past.

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