Quality Management System (QMS)

Control production processes to maintain production consistency. Standardize operations and monitor adherence to standards set in the plant. Reduce defects, optimize process turnaround time and increase product quality with QMS ANT

Achieve the highest quality production with QMS!

QMS is a tool that allows you to supervise the quality of production in a smart factory. Ongoing monitoring of the course of processes and analysis of irregularities makes it possible to eliminate the majority of errors and provides a guarantee of compliance with certain standards. Bet on QMS from ANT and chase away the competition, achieving the highest quality of production!

Key benefits


Less Defects
and Scraps

Use collected data to indentify reasons behind common defects and scraps



Control your daily plan with advanced planner manager which provides insights into scheduled production



Analyse defects and scraped materials to estimate total cost of production



React to every deviation in the production when they happen to reduce unnecessary work

What is a QMS system?

QMS (Quality Management System) is advanced software that enables monitoring of the execution of production processes for compliance with specified standards. Standardization makes it possible to achieve repeatability of processes while eliminating machine and employee errors. The collected information on irregularities allows to quickly implement necessary changes and improve existing procedures. This translates into an increase in the quality of products and services provided by the plant. Integration of QMS with other management systems allows you to take comprehensive care of the plant’s efficiency.

QMS ANT key functionalities

QMS ANT supports the supervision of process quality at every stage of production. Inspection of incoming goods allows you to ensure their correctness from the moment of receipt. Checklists and quality reports ensure that the production line leaves with a full-quality product made in accordance with the assumptions. The reports and the tests conducted based on them are an effective way to monitor whether the plant meets predetermined standards. 

Standardization is particularly important in the case of multi-plant companies – the implementation of a quality management system makes it possible to make sure that each plant uniformly carries out production processes in accordance with the established company policy. The result is the elimination of most errors caused by machines or employees. Fewer defects, on the other hand, means less waste, better management of the company’s resources and optimization of production time and costs.

Why does your plant need a QMS?

A dedicated QMS for manufacturing primarily means an increase in a plant’s OEE and its competitiveness in the market. However, the software brings a number of benefits in other fields as well. Here’s how implementing a QMS affects the operation of an entire industrial plant in 4 areas:

The company:

● remains competitive and maintains a high position in the market.

● creates an image as a trusted manufacturer and supplier

● in the case of multi-plant companies, formalization and standardization of quality make it possible to expect identical or similar results for each plant


● management feels secure about the positive outcome of quality audits

● employees feel secure about the plant’s adherence to work quality principles

● awareness of standardization forces the entire team to stick to a certain quality and work to maintain it at a high level – mistakes are not masked, they are eliminated


● are satisfied with the products delivered

● are eager to return and are confident of the guarantee of high quality they will receive again

● benefit from the offer of a plant that is able to meet ever higher quality requirements

Inspection institutions:

● are informed that the plant’s operations are carried out in accordance with applicable standards such as ISO 9001:2015, the current international standard for quality management

● thanks to the internal standardization of the plant, they can carry out inspections more efficiently

● they perceive that a given plant has the capacity and the need to meet the highest quality standards, which translates into trust in a given company

Implementation of ANT QMS translates into increased profits, increased quality of products offered, higher process efficiency, and optimized production costs.

Our Approach to Your Quality

ANT’s Quality Management System (QMS) is the answer to the growing demands of delivering products that meet ever higher standards. Choosing the right system is just the beginning of a digitalization journey to improve quality in a manufacturing plant. QMS helps define the quality control process. It allows for a systematic approach to identifying, analyzing and eliminating the causes of product or service nonconformities. Our system consists of four basic components:

The implementation plan involves 4 steps which cover entire quality improvements process:


digitalisation & standarisation:
you get full digitalisation plan, prepared by our engineers, our specialists support your organisation in getting the full compliance of quality standards


our implementation team provides all necessary cabling and hardware to collect data from your machines, if needed we create qms mes or other system integration to enable seamless data flow across your facility


analysis and data science:
you get full assistance during the system rollout, our specialist teach you how to analyse data to optimise the product quality


continuous improvement:
you constantly improve your production quality and increase your KPIs, sustaining products consistency 

We Have You Covered​


  • Management of incoming control plan and planning of inspection
  • Management of Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for deliveries from suppliers
  • Management of suppliers, compare quality at supplier and customer side
  • Results and controls for intercompany shipments


  • Create, report and analyse forms to model existing paper sheets
  • Compare quality reports between plants for similar products and processes
  • Global view of the quality of each product for realised processes (incoming goods, quality control, laboratory, audits)


  • Start of production, production at the workstation, final quality control, rework
  • Startup checklist, to release production shift
  • Templates for mapping defects
  • Management of blocked material

Lab & Testing


  • Create, report and analyse audits of the item, 5S and TPM


  • Management of calibrations

Improve Quality with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from ANT Solutions

In the realm of Quality Management Systems (QMS), precision, compliance, and continuous improvement are the pillars that underpin success. Embracing a robust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is the key to elevating your organization’s QMS to new heights. If you are a quality professional seeking to revolutionize your QMS practices, here’s why delving into the world of QMS integrated with LIMS is worth your time:

System Screens

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One of the most powerful tools that businesses can have at their disposal is a single, connected system. Act SMART and combine your entire facility into a single system rollout to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and streamline operations. QMS MES integration enables true quality management. 


Guarantee the best product quality with QMS ANT!

At ANT, we develop specialized software tailored to the needs of the individual customer. Our technological solutions can be applied to various plants operating in any industry – our own source code allows us to personalize and comprehensively implement the project. Many years of experience in the market, cooperation with demanding entities and advanced skills of qualified staff make the QMS ANT system created by us a proven way to improve quality in an industrial plant.

Do you want to streamline operations and increase the efficiency of processes in your company? Effectively supervise the quality of implemented operations with QMS ANT! Contact us now and together we will create a solution that meets the needs of your plant.

System Presentation

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Marcin Marczewski 

Industrial Software Expert


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  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
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Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive software solution which helps organisations improve their processes for managing quality. The QMS helps organisations manage their risks more effectively by identifying hazards early on in the process and providing guidance on how to mitigate them.

It is important to implement a Quality Management System when you have any number of quality concerns, as it will provide an entire process overview and tracking- meaning less defects and more information. Moreover, the QMS implementation enforces the implementation of a set of policies and procedures that are designed to help an organization improve the quality of their products, services, and processes.