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Production System Integration

Production system Integration module is responsible for receiving inbound data from ERP and for sending outbound data to any other external system. It works in real-time to provide the most up-to-date information on your display and generate production reports. Comprehensive connectivity across the facility is a key factor influencing the seamless data flow and interoperability of internal and external systems. For the vast majority of implementations, ANT delivers the system along with the necessary ERP integrations to cover the core factory workflows.

Our manufacturing system integration empowers you to achieve: 

  • Real-time Production Data Access: Access real-time production data from your production system, enabling informed decision-making. 
  • Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency: Streamline production processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. 
  • Improved Production Planning: Make data-driven decisions for better production planning and scheduling. 
  • Enhanced Workforce Management: Optimize workforce allocation and scheduling based on production demands. 
  • Increased Manufacturing Visibility: Gain comprehensive visibility into production operations, identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. 

Key benefits


Inbound and Outbound Interface with external systems like ERP, WMS, APS, Cloud…)


Built-in import mechanism from auto generated and proper structured Excel files


Resend mechanism for production reports interface

How we integrate production process and create reports?


Time reduction and no need for dual production reporting thanks to automatic interface to ERP


Interface synchronization to keep the same data and managed only in one system​


More agile and quicker way to manage production

Different integration ways are supported like:

ANT system can be integrated with any external systems like:

If you do not see your system on the list, we can provide a dedicated support and integration team to fulfill your requirements.

Integration with MES and CMMS

MES integration with ERP and CMMS systems are the most common we do. What usually do we connect?

Integration with MES

Inbound interface (from ERP to MES):

Outbound interface (from MES to ERP):

Integration with CMMS

Inbound interface (from CMMS to the MES):

Outbound interface (from MES to CMMS):

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