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Quality Inspections

Quality Inspections are automatic way for periodic quality tests with immediate confirmation if measurement is within quality limits. Measurements are being read from automation level

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Reworks Management

Control and monitor reworks With Reworks Management it is possible to create a dedicated production flow based on the type of defect. Labelling of reworks

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System Integration

The system Integration module is responsible for receiving inbound data from ERP and for sending outbound data to any other external system. It works in

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Maintenance ANDON

Maintenance ANDON is a module which consists of two submodules: Operator Panel and Analytics. It supports communication between production and maintenance department by enabling operators

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Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports module is a complex analytic platform with ready-to-use reports. More than dozen reports to analyze production, quality, trends and targets and get

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Online Visualization

Online Visualization displays current production on TVs that are installed on shop floor for selected machines/lines per area. Visualization includes production data with current OEE,

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Digital Documentation

Digital Documentation module lets users display documentation online at the operator panel. Categorized PDFs, images and movies are being displayed for ongoing production.  Key Benefits

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Production Execution

The Production Execution module lets operators execute orders and operations according to plan and technology. It validates and supports different types of production processes during

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Master Data

Master Data is the part of the system where all the production modelling is done. It’s a place to specify detailed technology like items, routing,

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With ANTs’ Traceability or track and trace, it is possible to keep track of the entire lifecycle of goods, from the moment they are obtained,

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