ANT Smart Factory is the concept of a modern facility equipped with cutting-edge technology in favor of production optimization and higher efficiency. ANT philosophy fits in the current trends of the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and lean manufacturing.   

ANT Smart Factory is a general name for the entire ANT software ecosystem. ANT Smart Factory consists of suites and facultative addons which are tailored to customers’ needs and requirements. Regardless of the customer’s custom configuration, the goal is to create your factory modern and Smart!

Yes, ANT’s team proposes the most suitable hardware for the given project. As an end-to-end company, we configure, deliver and install all necessary wiring and appliances along with our software. 

ANT solutions provides our customers with the platform in a private, public, or hybrid cloud architecture. Legacy on-premises solutions are also available if the project demands domestic infrastructure due to its specification. 

No, an ANT MES (Manufacturing Execution Software) system is not an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. However, ANT provides a system with built-in ERP capabilities if local ERP is not available.  

Yes, ANT integrates with most systems available on the market (SAP, etc.).

Yes, our experts are ready to share their experience and knowledge. Since 2006 we’ve been developing best practices to help solve industrial problems out.

ANT supplies an 80% ready-to-work system. 20% is customizable to the customer’s case.   

Our dedicated team is ready to connect with old and new machines on the production line. If PLC drivers are not available, we can duplicate the analog signal to get a digital output.  

No, ERP is not obligatory to install one of ANT’s Smart Factory suites. Our systems have a simplified ERP system already installed.   

In order to start the digitalization journey, ANT experts have to visit your factory, perform a production health check to discuss business goals and create a solution concept. The whole journey starts with an initial online meeting where we discuss the system, current situation, and the next steps.  

Usually, it takes up to 6 months to implement the system and see the first positive results.  

ANT provides a customer success manager who will help your company prior to and after roll-out by prioritizing issues, controlling tasks, and streamlining the communication between companies.  Our experts train you on how to use your system to optimize production. We coach and consult to guide you with the best practices from other industries.  

ANT’s implementation team visits your factory to implement the solution and ensure that all standards all met, and settings are set up correctly prior to system startup.   

Yes, ANT is part of the industry 4.0 movement. We deliver our hardware and software according to the newest standards and practices of Industry 4.0   

Of course, we are pleased to invite you to one of our reference sites to show you how the system performs.  

The operator uses an access RFID card or pin pad to enter the system on the shop floor.   

ANT provides 3 suites and additional addons which can be modified according to customers’ requirements and factory state.   

Yes, if the project requires only a specific functionality to be covered, we will provide one module which can be expanded in the future.  

Yes, our clients are localized globally across the globe. We provide the necessary support to all facilities.

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