2023 Digitalisation Guide

  • Learn what are the key steps to digitalise factory
  • Identify key problems that occur during the production

Find out:
  • How software for factories fits industry 4.0 paradigms
  • Why digitisation of production plants fails?
  • What the MES price depends on?
  • What human resources do I have to reallocate to the project?

Smart Factory Report

A complete knowledge book to factory digitalisation 

  • Planning and Preparation 
  • Technology Selection and Integration 
  • Measuring Success and ROI 

Product Catalogue

  • Get a complete catalogue of ANT Solutions products
  • Read how ANT Solutions can help your company to grow
  • Share the catalogue with your colleagues and co-workers 

Transform your production in 5 steps

Transform your production in 5 steps

Dititalization as a method for reducing material losses and production optimization in Bahlsen Polska

During the Webinar, we will look closely at Operational Excellence, known in Bahlsen as B. Excellent program. Digitization, effectiveness, employee growth, environment and food safety culture are pillars of the program. Maciej Szczurak, as the Digital Manager in Operational Excellence Department in Bahlsen Polska will explain:

Operational Excellence program and its role in a food manufacturing company
The role of digitization in the whole process and how it helped to reduce waste and optimize production
Other benefits that digitization brought to Bahlsen

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