Online Visualization displays current production on TVs that are installed on shop floor for selected machines/lines per area. Visualization includes production data with current OEE, production progress and machine states for ongoing production shift.
online visualisation mes screen dashboard

How to increase production transparency?

The crucial is gathering the data in real-time and choosing KPIs that will be understandable for everyone on the shop floor. The ANT system has a set of built-in views that will visualize the current health of production: production order progress, shifts target completion, department’s/factory OEE, machine/line state, summary downtimes, and an outstanding number of defects and delays. They can be displayed on the 65″ screens in the factory to improve transparency.

Why the production should be transparent?

Transparency has a big influence on increasing work engagement. Data is not hidden and is available on the shop floor for everyone. Management can make decisions easier and faster based on actual data, and the machine’s work is visible and easy to compare with other lines/shifts. Target / KPIs / results / machine states are visible at glance.

Main features


Display production summary for selected machines


Display current shift’s OEE and production delay


Real-time data update based on reports or machine’s cycles

Key benefits


Better production transparency for operators and managers


Faster reaction times based on data from TV


Clear visibility with production progress and issues

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