Digital Documentation

Digital Documentation module lets users display documentation online at the operator panel. Categorized PDFs, images and movies are being displayed for ongoing production. 

Key Benefits


Eliminate paper from production ​​

An easier way to maintain only one, newest version of the documentation


Faster access to documentation and hold in one place ​​

How to eliminate paper from production?

The amount of various documentation that is related to production order is huge: workstation, assembly, quality, maintenance, changeovers, safety and health instructions. In the ANT system, all documents are always up-to-date and available from the operator’s panel level in PDF, movies, and pictures.

How to make sure that the operator is familiarised with the newest documentation?

If the documentation is updated, it is displayed at the start of the production order, and the operator confirms that he has read the new version. This mechanism is used as well for the quality department’s feedback after the client’s complaint.

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