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How to monitor and control automated assembly production line?

With the advent of Industry 4.0, broadly defined automation of production lines has become a standard, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern manufacturing plant. However, in order to fully exploit the production line’s potential, a system such as Smart Machine is required, which ensures easy and fast monitoring and control of the production line, as well as allows for effective production management. It is all thanks to the integrated analytical modules that operate on a vast amount of data collected from the production line during its operation.

The data collected during the production process, in general, is a real mine of knowledge about the details, causes and effects of individual activities. It is also a rich resource from which one can effectively gather information and monitor production progress or the operation of specific assembly stations. Properly designed production monitoring also includes an extensive range of analytical and diagnostic tools. These production monitoring tools provide substantial support for the operator responsible for making decisions, which are often of key importance.

Smart Machine – comprehensive system to manage, monitor and supervise production lines

One of the fundamental values provided by Smart Machine is the full control over the operation of the assembly line. From communication with external systems like ERP, MES, BI etc., through production management and executions, full product traceability, recipe management, defect handling, reworks management, guidance operator through changeover process, up to microstops monitoring and line control.

Data collection and analysis is the foundation of the Smart Machine. It offers exceptional flexibility in the configuration of communication modules and support for almost all available communication protocols.

Smart Machine is a system that provides monitoring and management of the production of any assembly lines. Importantly, its capabilities are not limited to activities on the production line. Smart Machine extends the functionality of the solutions provided by BBS. The software has been designed and developed in collaboration with BBS. It is the missing link between basic automation and higher-level systems such as MES, ERP, BI, etc. Smart Machine facilitates the management of production, the monitoring of production, the status of the line, as well as individual stations, giving the operator powerful diagnostic tools with which, they can easily and quickly analyze and solve problems that arise in daily work on production lines.

How does it work in practice? Smart Machine is a complete production line supervision system supporting all operations and activities of the operators. It is recommended for automated assembly lines. The technology and software used to result in automatic changeover on the fly – along with advanced control of all WPCs (workpiece carriers) at each station.

This translates into shorter changeover times, the elimination of human error, and this affects the increased productivity of the line. The system ensures uninterrupted operation of automated assembly lines, timely production, and quality. Implementing Smart Machine guarantees the highest OEE and predictable operation of the line every shift and every day.

Communication between PLC and Smart Machine

The Smart Machine system is fully integrated into the basic automation of BBS. With standard and predefined communications, it can be easily connected to any PLC and any line supplier. A typical PLC library with a clear structure and a user-friendly interface translates into quick and easy integration into the Smart Machine.

The Smart Machine System is distinguished by its ease of integration with other systems – both existing ones and those to be implemented. SM connects to MES, ERP, BI systems for data exchange. It connects the machine and data sent by PLC with other systems, which are often dispersed and do not exchange data among themselves. Smart Machine fills this gap by integrating all systems.

Smart Machine supports almost all industrial communication protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA. If there are no special customer requirements or other important contraindications, communication via Ethernet and TCP protocol is the preferred solution. The Smart Machine provides a standard list of telegrams, e.g: Recipe Telegram, TnT Telegram or Order Telegram.

Telegrams are structured and predefined data packages exchanged between PLC and Smart Machine. A dedicated tool “Telegram Manager” allows the engineer to freely customize the data content of the individual telegram as desired. A build-in generator significantly reduces the implementation time of the telegrams on the PLC side by generating, e.g., Siemens Data Block, which can be imported into the PLC program.


Assembly line monitoring

Smart Machine enables comprehensive management of an assembly line in terms of several factors. These include:

  • analytics,
  • diagnostics,
  • OEE real-time monitoring,
  • assessment of the overall quality of assembly lines.

The system provides among others the following analytical functions:

OEE analysis

This is a real-time OEE assessment for individual workstations and the entire line, which takes into account the key parameters: availability, performance and quality. Line managers can set individual methods for calculating OEE for a given line. All information is presented graphically. This is done in the form of a so-called loss tree and trends. This facilitates data analysis.


Statistical Process Control: a built-in set of tools for statistical analysis of the process, such as histograms,  control charts (Shewhart charts) and more. It enables in-depth analysis of the data collected at each stage of production in terms of stability and deviation from the planned targets of each production process. The tool makes it possible to quickly detect even the slightest deviations in the process and react before non-conformities in product quality appear.

Dashboards and reports

Compilation of ready-made and predefined reports covering the analysis of such parameters as production, quality, trends and objectives.

As a result, Smart Machine provides a comprehensive answer to what is becoming an increasingly important challenge for companies – correct and thorough data analysis and monitoring of changes at the production line level. In the long term, it is a key tool for improving the quality and efficiency of manufacturing operations.


Smart Machine is the answer to all your needs!

An automated production line obviously has many benefits – by using one system, it is much easier to control and monitor the assembly line. In addition, there is full integration with the BBS assembly line manufacturer. Implementing such a solution also means a single system for operators and managers. System minimizes paperwork and human error during changeovers which means faster production launch. Smart Machine is a guarantee of full analysis of the production line, as well as of the orders being executed, easy integration with any type of PLC and assembly line manufacturer and integration with any external systems (ERP, MES, BI, etc.).

If you are looking for a solution that unifies all of your existing systems and provides an unprecedented level of control over your production process, you are in the right place. Our product is dedicated to everyone who, struggle with low OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness, high rejects on the line or unpredicted line downtime that is hard to detect.

If you also have difficulties with managing communication with your existing external systems e.g., MES Manufacturing Executions System, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning or others – our system is the perfect solution that will connect all your existing and future systems into one smooth-running ecosystem. Operating and managing your line has never been so easy with a Smart Machine.

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