Machine Connectivity

Machine Connectivity is responsible for communication with machine’s PLC and devices. It provides acquisition, processing and administration of data collected from automation level. With different acquisition methods, data like machine states, quantity or process parameters are read. This is the key component of ANT’s Smart Factory solutions which allows us precisely collect data and create a data rich environment.

ANT machine connectivity - Plastic Cabinets

How to automatically detect defects on machine?

Sometimes the easiest way is the most effective one. Each signal from machines is transported via Ethernet to the server or dedicated buffer devices. We consult with you what data from machines are the most important and valuable for you and your business. This is why we install sensors on the lines, install vision monitoring solution to monitor performance and quality. We use I/O modules and automation converters to get data from your shopfloor. If needed we collect data that are being send by the devices.

Our equipment is able to read basic data from machines or calculated based on sensors: cycle counter (produced piece), defect counter, cycle time, machine status (work, microstop, stop), line’s speed, single process parameters (weight, pressure, temperature, force), connection status and more.

In case of lost connection with the server data read from machines and devices is buffered for desired period of time.

Connections methods

machine-connectivity-icons_plc drivers

PLC Drivers

machine-connectivity-icons_communication protocols

Communication​ protocols

machine-connectivity-icons_data acquisition

Data acquisition​ modules



machine-connectivity-icons_digital signals

Digital signals

machine-connectivity-icons_analog signals

Analog signals

machine-connectivity-icons_energy consumption

Energy Consumption meters



Connectivity with Siemens devices

How to get data from Siemens PLC?

Use built-in protocols in ANT platform. Standard protocols are use to get two-way communication with machines by using: OPC UA/DA, Siemens TCP, Allen Bradley, ADS Beckhoff, MTconnect, Heidenhain, ModbusTCP, SRTP GE Fanuc, Ethernet IP, Euromap 63 and many more.

Protocols we use​

and 60 more...

Operator panel

Operator panel - main dashboard

How the data is displayed?

Operator Panel supports shop floor employees in daily tasks. It is a basic dashboard providing all necessary data collected from the machine, displaying them in a colorful and meaningful way. Additional configurable options may allow different stakeholders to browse through the data in search of insight about the production or dig into the root cause of the stoppages or other detected problems. 

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