Maintain constant production pace and deliver on time.

Introduce more realistic predictable plans and thanks to real-time cycle information based on historical data. The advanced algorithm in ANT APS helps to calculate the time needed for changeovers, maintenance, stops and other production cases.

You Have A Full Control Over Your Production Process


Reduce shifts

replace two-shift production with a single shift and ensure on-time deliveries at the same time.  


Save time on updates

eliminate the time needed to update the plan progress manually, it updates automatically.


Deliver on time

eliminate situations in which production could not be started and completed due to a lack of people, materials, or tools.

Key Functions

The extensive functions of the APS system allow to influence the functioning of the entire production plant. Starting from the reception of raw materials to the dispatch of goods to the clients.

automatic production planning

Production process overview

production process overview
Automatic production planning
changeovers planning
Feedback of plan execution, combined with changeovers, machine states, prodution shifts
production optimization

Manual and automatical optimization​

history learning
History learning – most realistic plan
validation and monitoring
Resources validation and monitoring​
collisions prevention

Collisions prevention, notification about impossible scenarios


Additional objects to plan: maintenance, changeovers, non production time breaks, other

STOP planning in Excel, use user-friendly ANT APS software

Integrate planning software with ERP and MES systems. Have all your data in one place and make your planning more predictable with automatic updates and reports between the entire factory network. 

aps software screen on monitor mockup ant solutions

See Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) System In Action

Why to get a demo?

  • 60-minute online meeting with a dedicated specialist presenting a top system from an industry similar to yours
  • Live modeling of your production process
  • budget quotation after the meeting


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