Operational Production Planning


Operational Production Planning

If we agree that each manufacturing plant is different because of technology, organization, customer requirements, corporate rules, people, culture and localization, we have to agree that planning is also very custom – sometimes only in general, but in most cases in detailed functionality.

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From our experience at the beginning customer usually asks about standard, even boxed, Advanced Planning System – APS, but when the system is compared to custom manufacturing requirements, the differences are growing and growing, and the final decision is to order customized planning system, like the one from ANT.

Main assumptions to APS from ANT:

  •  System imports automatically production orders from ERP system (SAP, Oracle, ….)
  • System monitors real-time production progress and records real production KPIs, enabling to share targets to resources.
  • System calculates future plans in reference to production history and operates on already measured consumption of time spent on for manufacturing, changeovers, autonomous and preventive maintenance. This is a self-learning solution for production scheduling that generates real, feasible plans and targets.
  • System is being built exclusively for a specific plant and is fit into manufacturing technology and planning strategy, contrary to other APS providers that offer a box solution.
  • In bigger corporations our system can be implemented as a secondary planning system that enables detailed scheduling of production orders taken from ERP.

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