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Manufacturing Data Collection – Connect Machines with Modern Production Software

In the evolving landscape of manufacturing, the integration of machine connectivity and modern production software stands as a cornerstone. It marks the confluence of real-time data collection, processing, and the enhancement of manufacturing efficiency. The essence lies in the synergy between machinery and software, yielding an orchestrated, data-rich environment.

Evolution of Data Collection in Manufacturing

From Manual to Automation

The journey from manual data handling to automated processes underscores the technological metamorphosis in manufacturing. Automated data collection, facilitated by machine connectivity, has not only optimized efficiency but also enhanced the accuracy and reliability of data.

The Role of PLC and Communication Protocols

Communication with machine’s PLC and employing diverse protocols underscores the essence of ANT’s machine connectivity. Real-time data extraction, processing, and administration are seamlessly executed, transforming conventional manufacturing floors into intelligent, data-centric hubs.

ANT’s Smart Factory Solutions

Real-Time Data Acquisition

ANT epitomizes the pinnacle of machine connectivity. By automatically transporting signals from machines via Ethernet to dedicated servers or buffer devices, ANT ensures real-time, accurate data collection and buffering, mitigating data loss even during connection downtimes.

Read more about machine connectivity.

Data Types and Acquisition Methods

From machine states and process parameters to real measurements, ANT’s technology caters to a comprehensive spectrum of data needs. The integration of sensors, I/O modules, and automation converters underscores the versatility and depth of data collection.

Protocols we use





Ethernet IP


Serial Port Custom Protocols


Siemens TCP

Allen Bradley

ADS Beckhoff







Web services

TCP Custom Protocols

Connecting Machines with Modern Production Software

Integration and Security

The integration of machines with IT systems requires meticulous attention to security, reliability, and seamless operation. Strong authentication measures, encryption, and continuous monitoring are pivotal in safeguarding data integrity and system security.

The ANT Platform Protocols

Boasting an array of built-in protocols including OPC UA/DA, Siemens TCP, and Allen Bradley, the ANT platform facilitates secure, two-way communication, ensuring efficient data sharing and enhancing machine performance.

MOXA gate is one of many devices we use to gather data from production machines for analysis.

Ensuring Accuracy in Data Collection

Regular Calibration and Quality Assurance

The precision in data collection is anchored in regular calibration checks and stringent quality assurance. The ANT platform’s adherence to these protocols ensures data accuracy, paving the way for informed decision-making and optimized operations.

Operator Panel for Data Display ANT’s Operator Panel emerges as an intuitive interface, offering a colorful, meaningful display of real-time data. Its customisability allows stakeholders to glean insights tailored to their specific operational and strategic needs.

Operator Panels can help factory workers to track the production progress and react to stoppages and machine failures.

The Future of Manufacturing Data Collection

AI and Machine Learning Integration

As we extrapolate into the future, the integration of AI and machine learning with machine connectivity and modern production software is inevitable. It heralds an era of autonomous learning, decision-making, and unprecedented operational efficiency.

IoT in Data Collection

The IoT integration weaves every device and machine into an interconnected web, where data flows seamlessly, insights are instantaneous, and decision-making is real-time.


Manufacturing data collection, underpinned by the integration of machine connectivity and modern production software, is not a distant aspiration but a present-day reality. ANT stands as a testament to this evolution, offering solutions that are not only modular and customizable but are also anchored in security, accuracy, and real-time data provision. As we step into a future where data is the linchpin, the convergence of machine connectivity and modern software isn’t just an option; it’s an imperative.


  • How does ANT ensure real-time and accurate data collection in manufacturing?
    • ANT uses Ethernet transportation, dedicated buffer devices, and a variety of protocols to guarantee real-time and precise data collection.
  • What role does the Operator Panel play in ANT’s machine connectivity solutions?
    • The Operator Panel provides an intuitive, customizable interface for real-time data display, aiding in instant insights extraction and decision-making.
  • How is data security ensured when connecting machines to IT systems?
    • Through stringent authentication measures, encryption, and continuous monitoring, ensuring data integrity and security.
  • What future trends are anticipated in manufacturing data collection?
    • The integration of AI, machine learning, and IoT, promising enhanced data accuracy, real-time insights, and autonomous decision-making.
  • Why is regular calibration essential in the manufacturing data collection ecosystem?
    • It ensures data accuracy, reliability, and consistency, essential for informed decision-making and optimised operations.

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