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Why choose a single partner providing technology solutions for factories?

Implementing modern technological solutions in a factory involves carrying out numerous operations that determine the effectiveness of the finished software. The installation of equipment, implementation of the system and integration require specialized knowledge and experience. Why is it worth choosing a single partner who provides a comprehensive production management solution?

What is a comprehensive implementation of production management software?

A comprehensive implementation of production management software covers all technical and IT processes necessary to ensure proper system operation, such as connecting to machines through PLC controllers, installing equipment such as sensors, cameras, operator panels, or TV, running cable routes, implementing the system and integrating with other systems, including the ERP system. However, only a few suppliers in the market offer the possibility of creating a Smart Factory. Many of them only provide access to popular solutions such as MES or WMS. At ANT, we have decided on a comprehensive, dedicated and scalable solution. We have the ability to implement advanced production scheduling (APS), production management (MES), warehouse (WMS) and media (EMS) tools, quality control (QMS), and maintenance (CMMS). All systems are integrated with each other, and the customer has access to all data from one place.

One partner, full implementation – benefits of choosing a comprehensive supplier

Choosing one partner for the implementation brings a number of benefits. How does collaboration with a proven company offering comprehensive services translate into the time and effectiveness of task execution?

Full responsibility for project implementation by one entity.

Having a single provider carry out a comprehensive implementation ensures that the client receives a ready-to-use solution. The partner manages all processes – from planning, to installation of workshop hardware configurations, to system launch. At ANT, we offer flexible solutions – we tailor the product exactly to the parameters required by the client, ensuring that they receive software perfectly suited to their current production plant needs.

Savings in time and money

One of the greatest and most important benefits is direct communication between the customer and the partner. Efficient exchange of information means that the supplier can quickly respond to the customer’s doubts and develop a solution that meets all expectations. The customer quickly receives feedback and answers to important questions, allowing them to maintain peace of mind and confidence in the system. In the case of choosing a partner for comprehensive implementation, we eliminate the need for involvement of third parties – thereby saving the time that would have been spent on unnecessary consultations. At ANT, we stick to the 3-3-3 rule. What does it mean? It takes 3 days for the initial estimate, 3 weeks for the project pilot, and 3 months for preparation of the project ready to start, based on the customer’s requirements. Within 12 weeks, the customer therefore receives from us tested and ready-to-use software.

Elimination of unplanned expenses

The partner offering a comprehensive solution presents a budget for the full implementation of the system, within which are all the necessary actions related to this process. The bill is transparent, and the customer has no doubts about the costs incurred.

Modular structure and practical scalability

In the case of ANT, the solution is scalable, and the customer receives expert support – specialists present the best plan of action at the moment and the possibilities for software development in the future, so as to continuously act in the direction of increasing the efficiency of the plant. Our several-years of experience of our experts, who have the technical and business knowledge necessary for effective project implementation, helps us with this.

Comprehensive service

Choosing one partner providing equipment and software guarantees a smooth response in the event of a failure. This reduces the risk of long and costly downtime and shortens the waiting time for repair. At ANT, we offer 24/7 customer service. Lightning-fast contact and elimination of faults increases machine availability, resulting in higher process efficiency and allowing for timely completion of orders.

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