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AOS: Changeovers is a set of practical solutions designed for improvement and thus to speed up and ensure correct execution of machine and production line changeovers.

The wide range of assortment results in shortening the production series lengths, which results in increased frequency of changeovers. Ensuring flexibility of production at the lowest possible cost is a major challenge for modern plants.

To meet this challenge, AOS: Changeover provides: better changeover organization, ensuring the correct sequence of the changeover steps, time control, monitoring of start-up to achieve nominal production speed including its time and the amount of waste generated, as well as planning of changeovers based on their actual duration.

All this ensures transparency, efficiency and shortening of changeover and start-up time.

Changeover Support

Support for the change of the product consists in making available directly at the production stand a list of steps of correct changeover from product A to B and appropriate documentation, monitoring of the start-up process until the nominal speed or correct product quality and time control of subsequent stages is achieved. Owing to this, we gain transparency of operations of operators and maintenance technicians, certainty of correct changeover progress and control of the expected time of its execution and start-up.

Key assumptions

  • The matrix of changeovers according to the product type, automatic creation of a list of the changeover steps resulting from the transition between product types A and B
  • Estimation of the changeover time and its steps on the basis of the actual previous processes recorded by the system in a specific time horizon
  • Required confirmation by operators that a changeover step has been completed

Parameters Management and Auto setup

By implementing the AOS: Autosetup system we aim to maintain the continuity of production of short series and even individual products without stopping machines. If a product change can be implemented by introducing new settings into the machine control system (PLC), then thanks to AOS: Autosetup the changeover time can be eliminated to zero. This is, of course, an ideal situation which may apply to some machines or processes, but if these machines become intelligent and will not absorb the time for operators who are currently introducing settings to HMI panels of machines manually, we already have obvious time savings.

If stopping a machine is unavoidable due to the need to change raw materials, to change mechanical settings, to replace a machine tool or above all for safety reasons, then if at least part of the set parameters is entered automatically, then it is advisable to take advantage of this possibility.

Thanks to AOS: Autosetup we not only gain shortening or complete elimination of the changeover time, we can be sure that the set parameters are correct for the manufactured model and version of the product, eliminating shortages or costly mistakes requiring recall of a series of defectively manufactured products.

In addition, our system supports operators in setting mechanical parameters by displaying appropriate instructions, diagrams, pictures of the correct setting, required parameter values and their tolerances. This functionality is included in the AOS solution: Center Line Reporting.

Center Line Reporting

Center Line Reporting is a database of machine settings parameters (centering) containing both electronic parameters set on machine controllers and mechanical parameters related to manual settings with their monitoring system during production.

Correct setting of the machine during the changeover and then maintaining the correct settings during machine operation shortens the start-up time, reduces the number of stops and waste.

Key assumptions

  • Machinery settings specified for products or groups of products, including both values and limits of parameters as well as diagrams, photographs and descriptions for mechanical settings
  • Providing the right parameters during the machine’s changeover phase, see AOS: Changeover support
  • Control of settings during production:
    • for parameters read from PLCs, detection of change or exceeding the setting limit,
    • for mechanical settings – a reminder that it is necessary to check the correctness of the settings every specified time or number of production cycles
    • if the limit value of the parameter is exceeded, the system requires the operator to enter the reason for changing the settings.
  • The experimental mode, in which we can change the settings of selected machine parameters within a certain limit, and then the system determines the optimal settings values based on the recorded production runs.

AOS: Schedulling

As a result of the introduction of AOS: Changeovers solutions, the AOS: Scheduling module uses the actual duration of changeovers between individual products to estimate a realistic production schedule.

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Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including:
· audit,
· analysis,
· brainstorming,
· project


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including:
· Operator terminals, large-scale displays
· Machine communication modules


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.


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