Our solutions raise production in your factory to the next level

Our solutions are not only a highly customized, flexible and effective software. ANT systems have a possitive impact in many fields of the production process.

Designing our solution, we wanted to provide our customers software that has a positive impact in many fields – from improving usage of manufacturing costs, through empowers resources, to provide high level on-line information flow that allows on quick reacting in changeable environment.

This approach is proven by our experience with 13 years on the market, 500+ implementations in different branches in factories located in 33 countries on 5 continents. Now, having very positive feedback from our customers, we are satisfied that all our assumptions were accurate.

Shopfloor Visualization

Communication between people has a great impact on efficient manufacturing. Clear and fast information flow helps operators, maintenance technicians and managers understand the process better and make proper decisions.

One of key factors in production managing process is to show in a clear way the key data describing what is happening on the shopfloor at the moment. The insight into the production indicators should be available for everybody to involve all people in current actions. This is why we are focused on developing the idea of transparent production.

For example, when a machine is not producing, everybody should know: what is the reason of the stop, how long it takes, when the machine will be ready again, who is responsible for the fix.

In ANT we developed our own standard of graphical visualization of production that shows manufacturing progress, results, actions and losses during the day and current shift. This kind of visualization is displayed on large industrial monitors.

It only takes 5 seconds to see how the manufacturing process looks like at the moment, where are the delays, losses and problems, where is a choke point and where is the biggest need to solve a problem quickly.

Industrial Mobile Applications

Using of mobile terminals, smartphones or tablets is becoming a standard in the industry. ANT’s industrial systems utilizes benefits of mobile devices both with Windows, Android and Linux. Mobile barcode or RFID terminals are used for Traceability Systems, Quality and Logistics applications.

Smartphones are used for ANDON and Maintenance applications like Preventive Maintenance or Changeover Support. By using ANT: AOS platform we are able to create dedicated applications running on mobile devices that support various manufacturing activities.

Optimization and synchronization

Significant reduction in manufacturing cost, improving usage of manufacturing resources and synchronizing materials with operations.

Process viewing

Provide better view of the whole production process, allowing to make comparisons between the production cells.

Process tracking

Interlocking traceability and genealogy covering materials (components and finished goods).

Directed manufacturing

Component verification to prevent product integrity issues.

Knowledge flow

Enforce manufacturing best practices and error-proofing as well as monitoring their effectiveness and efficiency.


Platform for sustained continuous improvement.

Information flow

Providing immediate, on-line information to make decisions regarding production, plant resources and people reducing paperwork between shifts.