Master Data is the part of the system where all the production modelling is done. It’s a place to specify detailed technology like items, routing, factory structure or production orders.

Data modelling, describe your production process more detailed 

Master data is state-based data that represents the central units of a business. The essential master data are customers, suppliers, products, fixed assets, personnel and accounts. In contrast to business data, master data remains largely unchanged in its extent over time and has a low update frequency.

Master data management is a sum of processes, policies, services and technologies used to create, maintain, standardize and manage operational data related to a company’s key business operations. A master data management system represents a comprehensive master data management structure and thus creates a central operational reference database (system of record). It includes all master data objects of a company such as customers, suppliers and employees. Master data management does not refer to operational transaction data that is created as part of business processes, such as orders.

Item Manager

Why is Master Data an important tool for companies?  

Master data represents an important intangible asset. The more accurately it is managed and the more reliably it can be used, the higher this value can be measured. Many companies recognize master data as basic data that must be available as a necessary condition for their business transactions and activities. 

Errors and mistakes in the master data lead to various problems for the companies, e.g., deliveries to wrong addresses resulting in financial losses. 

To name it directly, the Master Data gives you the opportunity to work with much more detailed technology in MES which ends in controlled and managed production processes. 


Which options do you have with ANTs’ Master Data?  

The system is able to manage all your items & materials, routings, factory structure, machines & routings, such as employees or production orders. 

Within the configurations, customer can set several data relevant information, display relations and define templates or dedicated workflows. In the part of the system, where employees can be managed you created accounts and assign roles despite to the general personal data. 

Manage your production orders! With the Master Data you can let user manage production orders by inserting basic data: item code or name (version/revision if many available), quantity, start or end datetime, routing version (if many available), BOM version (if more than one available). Furthermore, you can automatically create sub production orders for semi-products.  

ANT also offers functions like automated start and endtime of production or visualize on Gantt chart planned production order with all operations and their planned time. 

Let’s check how detailed your current data is!

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