How We Work

  • Concept / Project

    Each project begins with a concept of the system. This is very often the most difficult part for the Customers as in most cases they are not sure what could be the best choice for them or simply don’t realize what kind of capabilities systems like ours have.

    This is where our vast experience finds use. Over 10 years and 350+ implementations in various industries gave us a great know-how which we are happy to share with the Customers. We are brainstorming with the Clients, give them many examples and advices what would be the best to have specifically in their factory, taking into consideration their individual needs, approaches, etc.

  • Implementation

    The main part of each project. Apart from hardware installation (if needed), we are developing the systems remotely from our office. As we are basing the systems on our own platform ANT-AOS, we have ready parts from which we create the frame of the system and then modify it in accordance with the Client’s individual needs. That’s why the Customer is able to see the first version of live system as fast as in 2 weeks since the beginning of the implementation.

    Using scrum methodology we are constantly in touch with production managers, business, etc. who give us feedback on the live system they are exploring throughout the implementation. This feedback is invaluable for us AND the Client because we can modify the system on the run during the creation process and after 2-3 months the system is not only fully operational – it is also fulfilling all the Customer’s requirements and needs.

  • Support

    After the implementation we highly recommend the SLA to the Customer in order to maintain a great level of the system and guarantee the best service available by a designated team. This means immediate bug removal, hotfixes, changes made on demand, 24/7 assistance, constant upgrades of the software, and many more.

How we work

We have an extremely individual approach towards each implementation. In order to create a perfect, tailor-suited system, we work in close cooperation with the factory managers and this is why SCRUM methodology is ideal for our way of work.

Throughout the entire implementation we are in constant contact with the Client, who has access to the live system almost from the very begining and can see all the ups and downs of its current state.

Feedback that we gather from the managers allows us to change and adjust the look and functionalities of the system while it is contantly being checked and tested in an actual production or office environment, which shows not theoretical, but existing, real chalanges of the given factory.

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Next development sprint
Next development sprint