Center of excellence

Center of excellence

350+ implementations in different branches in factories located in 30 countries on 4 continents.

This is an enormous capital. This is know-how of the best practices in production from the top manufacturing plants, leaders in performance and quality.

It is a great pleasure for our consultants to advise you in creation of dedicated systems for your plant. We can help you choose what solution is the most valuable for your production process and gives you the best return on investment

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Dedicated but unified

We are sure that if your company has more production facilities, you know how important it is to see the big picture. Because of this, it is essential to implement a dedicated system which is very deeply customized but at the same time as unified within one company as possible.

Strive for excellence

We have experience in software, automation and production organization, but you are the one with the greatest expertise in your own manufacturing process. Our know-how of best practices in different industries in collaboration with plant managers’ knowledge and experience in their field, we create a conceptual design of system which for sure will help to upgrade your factory to the top level of excellence.

Creating leaders

Our engineers and manufacturing managers have plenty of success stories. A successful implementation in one production plant is quickly spreading to another locations and involved managers become leaders of the 4th industry revolution in their organizations.

It is always our joint success.


Quick implementation in SCRUM metodology

Working in scrum methodology we are constantly keeping in touch and cooperating closely with the client, which results in a deeply customized system fulfilling all client's requirements

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Specialized in various industries


Food, beverage, brewing, tobacco industries

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