Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance – Predictive maintenance is the process of predicting when a system will fail before it actually happens. The idea behind predictive maintenance is to have a system that can predict failures and take measures to prevent them. Predictive maintenance is not only about avoiding failures, but also about improving efficiency, productivity and performance. […]

Smart Factory

Smart factory is a unique factory automation system. It’s a growing industry, with a lot of opportunities. The current worldwide market size is approximately $ 17.8 billion, expected to grow 14% annually until 2021. It tends to be more common in countries with high labor costs and an increasing demand for automation, such as China […]

MBR – Master Batch Record

Master Batch Record (MBR) means a document defining manufacturing methods, materials and other procedures, guidelines and controls related to product manufacturing and testing, also referred to as a manufacturing template. MBR is an integral part of GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice. The Master Batch Record is designed to ensure that all proper ingredients are added […]

EBR – Electronic Batch Record

An Electronic Batch Record (EBR) is a digital production record, an electronic record of a production, an electronic copy or reproduction from a Master Batch Record (MBR). The electronic batch record provides evidence that the production was conducted in accordance with the applicable instructions. The EBR record also demonstrates that the organization properly handles and […]

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the concept that the development of industry has entered a new phase, due to the increasing penetration of information technology, automation and biotechnological improvements. Industry 1.0 – human labor is replaced by steam machines. Industry 2.0 – humanity begins mass production using electricity. Industry 3.0 – the […]

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a commonly used indicator in manufacturing plants. It allows to determine how efficient is a given production line, and thus how efficient the production is in relation to its production capabilities. The index is the result of three factors to measure the performance of a production line: Availability = actual […]

MES – Manufacturing Execute System  

A Manufacturing Execute System (MES) is an independently functioning software that allows to collect operational data from a production line and to visualize it in a clear and understandable way in order to make faster decisions based on real data.    MES software through the ability to collect and clearly present information in the form […]

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning  

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP for short, is a process and information system for managing resources in an enterprise. It connects various departments within a single enterprise by facilitating the flow and providing a single environment to work on enterprise data.   ERP system can be used by planning, purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, […]

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS)

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) is an IT solution for optimizing the production plan in a manufacturing company, which takes into account all available resources in order to use them as efficiently as possible. Often used within or independent of an ERP system, by a person in a position of a planner in a manufacturing company. […]