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Smart Factory

Smart factory is a unique factory automation system. It’s a growing industry, with a lot of opportunities. The current worldwide market size is approximately $ 17.8 billion, expected to grow 14% annually until 2021. It tends to be more common in countries with high labor costs and an increasing demand for automation, such as China and Japan. Smart factory is a technology that controls the whole process of making or assembling an item, as opposed to previous technologies that semi-automated or autonomous systems.

This difference mean that there are more chances to automate the entire process eventually, which in turn would have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry as a whole.

The idea behind smart factory is to make goods with the maximum amount of automation possible, and not just automation at certain production stages. In fact, manufacturers are working towards full automation. Unlike the traditional factories that require human interaction, smart factories don’t need any human interaction during production because the whole process is automated.s that it will become the nature of businesses to create and control automation systems, without being limited by budgets or resources.

The industry moves toward integrating advanced technologies into the manufacturing processes using big data, artificial intelligence and robotics. The goal is to produce quality parts with less manpower and at any location in the world.

In this setting there is a better workplace for employees; depending on the application level of automation, it is possible to reduce worker participation in repetitive tasks by 80% and increase all parameters including OEE.

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