ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning  

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP for short, is a process and information system for managing resources in an enterprise. It connects various departments within a single enterprise by facilitating the flow and providing a single environment to work on enterprise data.  

ERP system can be used by planning, purchasing, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, warehouse and other departments where integration of data within the enterprise can bring tangible benefits.  

Today ERP systems are very diverse and often specialized for a specific industry, so that they can best reflect the specifics of a particular sector of the economy. Over time, systems have evolved from desktop systems to cloud solutions, enriching the usability and flexibility of solutions.  

Technological changes taking place in the manufacturing industry and the complexity of current manufacturing processes, make it necessary to extend ERP systems with additional functions. Additional tools include independent MES, WMS, LIMS, or EMS systems, which allow two-way data exchange with the ERP system, providing more accurate information about the production process and plant status.     

Despite the many benefits of implementing an ERP system in the company, poorly planned implementation resulting from the lack of cultural and structural changes in the organization, may prove counterproductive for the entire enterprise.    

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