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ANT Solutions Partners with AGC NordGlass for Advanced Energy Management 

NordGlass and ANT Solutions is starting coolaboration

ANT Solutions, a leader in production optimisation, is excited to announce a new cooperation with AGC NordGlass, a Polish automotive glass manufacturing giant. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing sector. 

The Project Scope: ANT Solutions will implement its ANT Smart Factory Energy Monitoring System (EMS) across various operational segments of AGC NordGlass. This ambitious project aims to revolutionize energy management by focusing on the following areas: 

  • Electricity: Enhanced monitoring and optimisation of electricity usage. 
  • Water: Efficient management and reduction of water consumption. 
  • Heating: Mitigation of thermal energy consumption. 
  • Compressed Air: Optimisation of compressed air usage in manufacturing processes. 
  • Process Parameter: Improved control and efficiency in machines operations. 
  • Temperature: Temperature regulation for optimal operational conditions. 


System implementation: The latest version of ANT Smart Facotry’s EMS system will be implemented, enabling real-time media monitoring and management. The EMS system will be integrated with AGC NordGlass’ ERP solution to provide a real-time data flow and enable data correlation with production processes.   

Installation and equipment scope: The project includes cabling and installation of equipment on site, meter installation, bus construction and integration with existing temperature sensors and process signals. The hardware supplied by ANT Solutions will include the meters and communication modules required for efficient operation of the EMS. In addition, the implementation will include the supply and installation of communication modules and edge devices. The system will use MODBUS RTU, M-BUS and OPC UA protocols for comprehensive communication and data management. 

Through this collaboration, ANT Solutions will help AGC NordGlass significantly lower utility costs, reduce contractual capacity, increase annual reimbursement of excise duties, and lower monthly bills. This strategic partnership represents a milestone in energy-efficient manufacturing and sets a new way for industry sustainable practices. 

About AGC NordGlass: A subsidiary of the global AGC group, AGC NordGlass has established itself as a premier Polish manufacturer of automotive glass products. The company’s expertise spans a wide range of glass products for vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, work machinery, railways, ships, and military vehicles with specialized armoured glass. These high-quality products are primarily manufactured in Europe, catering to a diverse client base. 

About ANT Solutions: ANT Solutions, renowned for its cutting-edge MES, CMMS and EMS systems, specializes in elevating production efficiency and market competitiveness for enterprises. The company is dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions that streamline processes and enhance productivity. More information is available at ANT Solutions


This partnership with ANT Solutions is key to advancing our digital and sustainability goals.

Integrating their Energy Monitoring System is a significant step in optimizing our operations and reinforcing our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Bogusław Kostogłód 

Facility and Capex Manager | AGC Automotive Replacement Glass Europe |

NordGlass Sp. z o.oc



Embarking on this transformative journey with AGC NordGlass

ANT Solutions is proud to spearhead the implementation of our cutting-edge Energy Monitoring System (EMS) in the realm of automotive glass manufacturing. This collaboration signifies a commitment to operational excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the manufacturing sector. Together, we aim to revolutionize energy management across key operational facets, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and setting a new standard for environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Marcin Marczewski, New Business Manager

Shop Floor WMS expert Marcin Marczewski

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