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ANT Solutions and Kupiec Implement Innovative Solutions to Improve Production

ANT Solutions, a leading provider of production optimization solutions, has begun a project with Kupiec, a renowned producer of cereal products, to implement MES and CMMS systems. The new solutions are designed to monitor and optimize the production process, ensuring efficiency, repeatability, and compliance with procedures.

Under the project, ANT Solutions will deliver an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that will continuously monitor the entire production process, enabling early detection of potential disruptions. This will allow operators to be informed in advance of impending disruptions and take preventive action. The system will also allow for confirmation of every task and operation, which will ensure repeatability and compliance with procedures. The scope of the project includes implementing communication with machines and production lines – ANT is responsible for installing additional hardware needed to monitor real-time signals and integrating with existing automation. ANT Solutions will also install structured cabling (power, Ethernet network) along with the supplied equipment (All-in-One IP67 panels, I/O modules, etc.)

The introduction of the MES and CMMS systems will bring a number of benefits to Kupiec. A 8% increase in production volume and a 10% increase in planned machine uptime are expected. In addition, direct production costs will be reduced by 5% and the response time in the Maintenance Department will be reduced by 20%. These efficiency improvements will have a positive impact on Kupiec’s results and will allow it to achieve a higher level of efficiency in the production process.

The project will be implemented in stages. In the first stage, an analysis of the processes for all lines and machines in the plant will be conducted, which will allow for the preparation of a Model Solution. The Model Solution will cover the full functionality of the system and will be implemented for selected production lines. Then, the equipment will be delivered and installed on these lines, and the data from the machines will be registered in the system. In the next stage, the Model Solution will be implemented for the remaining lines and machines in the plant. The final stage will involve the implementation of the CMMS system.

The entire project aims to integrate the MES and CMMS systems with existing ERP and WMS solutions, which will provide comprehensive support for production management.

Thanks to the cooperation with ANT Solutions, Kupiec will increase its competitiveness, achieve a higher level of production efficiency and effectiveness, and strengthen its market position. ANT Solutions, using its experience and modern technologies, is ready to provide full support in the process of implementing and further developing the MES and CMMS system.

About ANT Solutions: ANT Solutions is a leading provider of production optimization solutions, offering innovative MES and CMMS systems. The company specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for enterprises, increasing their efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness in the market.

About Kupiec: Kupiec is a renowned producer of cereal products such as waffles, cereals, breakfast products, and rice, enjoying the recognition of customers both on the domestic and foreign markets. The company focuses on the highest quality of its products and continuous improvement of production processes.


I am both honoured and excited to start our project with Kupiec as a landmark achievement in production optimisation.

Through our state-of-the-art MES and CMMS systems, we are not just installing technology; we are weaving a new fabric of efficiency, intelligence, and proactive management into the heart of Kupiec’s manufacturing processes. Systems will help to manage the production of flavoured cakes, rice, and corn cakes together with the packaging of rice, groats, and breakfast cereal products.

Łukasz Iskra, Business Development Directorr

industrial software expert

Exciting Times Ahead

As the IT Manager at Kupiec Company, I’m looking forward to the upcoming implementation of MES and CMMS systems in our factory. This transformative step will enhance visibility, streamline operations, and empower our workforce. With MES and CMMS, we’re poised to boost efficiency, ensure compliance, and make data-driven decisions. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and I’m confident that this investment will elevate Kupiec Company to new heights.

Robert Michalski, IT Manager, Kupiec

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