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Performance monitoring

Start factory digitalization journey and increase your OEE in a few months

A comprehensive solution for management, diagnostics, monitoring and control of the production line

Extend production capabilities with new tools and features that provides ANT MES

The most advanced manufacturing software covering all departments involved in production 

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The most effective system for monitoring production rates and downtime​s. Increase production efficiency with AI.

Daily meetings more meaningful and fun. Create custom dashboards work on real data

Version control, digital forms, reports and seamless documentation flow in your entire production facility.

Improve production quality with a new digital manufacturing standards

Take full control over your machine park with a modern Industry 4.0 solution

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Maintain constant production pace with a help of an advanced algorithm, and real-time cycle information based on historical data

A new maintenance system which allows you to schedule repairs and inspections based on real machine cycle work time

Inventory monitoring for shop floor warehouse with integrated data sources

Sustain and increase product quality. Control production plan, processes, quality and nonconformities.

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Monitor consumption of utilities such as energy, gas, liquids and more in real time and be ready to optimise, HVAC control (BMS)

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