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IT Systems Architect

We are looking for a diverse array of technical capabilities rooted in proven product experience with modern technology stack architecture to supervise on-going transformation from a legacy monolithically architecture to modern multitenant Cloud solutions in Industry 4.0 area. This role is responsible for leading next-generation, modern production system. Performance, reliability and technical leadership are all core competencies in this role.  

This position is related to the large-scale projects based on efficiency and large data volume. You will be responsible for shaping the vision of ANT systems while participating in defining and verifying the compliance of the introduced architecture.  

As a Software Architect, you’ll join a dream-team of engineers, product managers, product developers and client implementation teams. 



  • Leading the architectural vision for large-scale project and system design using modern technology stacks (Cloud-Optimised and Cloud-Native) with a core focus on reusability, scalability and performance at scale, based on Public Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS and GCP); Designing Cloud solutions based on AWS and Azure  
  • Collaborating with Product and Engineering stakeholders to design and build platform services that meet key product and infrastructure requirements 
  • Promoting technology transformation, writing tech docs, white papers and blueprints, evangelisation 
  • Supporting DevOps team to deploy target architecture, mentoring the development team in adapting new technologies 
  • Producing both high-level and detailed designs for platform-level services
  • Designing the architecture of a distributed computing 
  • Taking ownership of designed services and platform components through to delivery 
  • Communicating clearly architectural decisions, roadblocks and timelines to key stakeholders 
  • Communicating with customers to provide them view on target architecture and transformation process, to gather their feedback and business & technical expectation. 
  • Recognizing and selecting technologies
  • Preparing technical and quality requirements


  • 5+ years of experience designing, building and deploying high-availability frontend & backend services in an architect or senior development role 
  • Ability to conceptualize end-to-end system components across a wide range of technologies and translate into architectural design patterns for implementation  
  • Knowledge of design and architectural patterns
  • Good understanding of CQRS, Event Sourcing and asynchronous communication
  • Practical experience and proven knowledge in CI/CD, IaaC and gitOps 
  • Strong design and extensive implementation experience with Node.js, Typescript and core Javascript and SQL within a highly scalable production environment 
  • Experience using, designing and building GraphQL/REST/Web Service APIs 
  • Experience with Big Data technology, praxis in using Data Lakes and applying AI/ML tools for pattern recognition and data analysis
  • Production experience with container orchestration, dockers, Kubernetes and maintaining production environments
  • Fluency in English is mandatory 


  • Proactivity  
  • Willingness to determine direction of the development and to create vision of work
  • Ability to lead changes
  • Creativity
  • Confidence in decision-making 


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