ANT Add-Ons

The main products like OEE Performance Monitoring, MES or PDMS is just the beginning.

To squeeze even more from your production and place your factory on another level, we need to talk about ANT add-ons.

Paperless Production – eliminate paper and paperwork from your production with modern digital tools and forms.

Programmazione in tempo reale – improve accuracy planning with optimisation algorithms and make it more reliable by using real cycle time and history learning.

Monitoraggio delle microfermate – locate bottlenecks, measure precise micro-stops time and find the root cause for slow cycles and production line stops.

Controllo di macchinari – automatically upload programs, recipes and set-points to your machines and reduce production launching time.

Riunioni interattive – improve your daily production meetings by replacing whiteboards with interactive, digital touchscreens

Examples of Add-Ons for smart factories

Produzione senza carta


  • Replace all paper documents, forms, instructions with the digital version by using the drag&drop tool
  • Display step by step activities a guida the operator through produzione e changeover
  • Fill the data automatically nel forms based on data from machines and production order


  • Save time and money thanks to paper and paperwork elimination
  • Ensure that the production process was executed with planned, standardised technology
  • Reduce human errors and increase production repeatability

Programmazione in tempo reale


  • Plan your production base on the product’s real cycle time to make it more reliable
  • Optimise plan by the algorithm that selects the best possible sequence, machines and resources
  • Drag&drop production orders on the Gantt timeline


  • Get a more accurate plan thanks to apprendimento della storia and real cycle times
  • Più breve e fewer cambi di programma thanks to the changeover matrix
  • Improve timely execution of orders and on-time shipment

Monitoraggio delle microfermate


  • Detect automatically each, even the shortest stop of the machine with its reason from PLC
  • Do the deep integrazione con PLC to get even thousands of alarms and production data
  • In algorithm calculates the responsible machine and its root cause for line stop


  • Get accurate, aggregated, real data to stop the stops
  • Understand why the machines lose availability and have actual data to take actions
  • Spend less time per manually reporting machine states


  • Automatically send setpoints and programs to the machine’s PLC
  • Control machine and send its PLC recipes
  • Make automated changeovers on-the-fly


  • Reduce changeover time significantly
  • Eliminare human errors by setting machine setpoints automatically
  • Reduce time spent on management of recipe changes

Riunioni interattive


  • Organise a daily meeting with agenda and an automatizzato filled dashboard
  • Generate charts automatically with real-time data feed
  • Monitor team’s tasks and their progress


  • Eliminate whiteboards from production with touchscreen
  • Decrease tempo spent on incontri giornalieri e shift changes
  • Increase dipendenti engagement through production transparency
Riunioni interattive

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