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QA Automation Engineer


An exciting opportunity for an independent, young and ambitious QA engineer who is passionate about testing. You will have a big impact on the entire application proper performance for our key clients. Ideally you have experience in test automation and an in-depth understanding of QA best practices. You will have a lot of opportunities to grow and improve your skills on an everyday basis! You won’t just be a task taker – you will design advanced solutions, make technical decisions, choose specific technologies and more.

Your technical skill set is important, however, we pay attention to your personality, attitude and desire to grow your skills and use them to make the company and product better.

We value innovation, creativity, personality, teamwork and learning new things every day.


  • Min. 4 years of experience testing, min. 2 of those should be automatic testing
  • Knowledge of QA best practices
  • Ability to structure, design and plan testing scenarios and test cases
  • Good knowledge and experience with Cypress
  • Knowledge of SQL databases
  • Familiarity with SDLC processes
  • Knowledge of web applications
  • Organized and analytical thinking


  • Design, build, develop and maintain efficient, reusable, scalable and stable Automation Framework.
  • Build and improve automated tests
  • Prepare and discuss test strategy and approach
  • Support QA team in their activities – manual tests execution, test automation, code review and documentation
  • Review, test, and verify the product to quality standards of the industry
  • Ensure to provide key measurements of performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications.
  • Maintain, support and improve SDLC processes
  • Cooperate with software developers and implementation teams


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