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Continuous improvement is a process of regularly evaluating products, services, processes, or systems and making targeted improvements to increase quality, reduce waste, improve efficiency, and

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Predictive Maintenance – Predictive maintenance is the process of predicting when a system will fail before it actually happens. The idea behind predictive maintenance is

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Smart factory is a unique factory automation system. It’s a growing industry, with a lot of opportunities. The current worldwide market size is approximately $

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MBR - 主批次记录

Master Batch Record (MBR) means a document defining manufacturing methods, materials and other procedures, guidelines and controls related to product manufacturing and testing, also referred

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Industry 4.0 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the concept that the development of industry has entered a new phase, due to the increasing penetration

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Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) is an IT solution for optimizing the production plan in a manufacturing company, which takes into account all available resources in

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