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今年夏天,生产医药用玻璃和塑料初级包装的国际健康解决方案提供商博美欧医药公司将推出一款新的包装产品。 new project to improve analytical processes at one of its largest factory in Rivanazzano, Italy.

ANT will provide Bormioli Pharma with an OEE Performance Monitoring solution that includes an industry-leading machine connectivity module. Along with the software, ANT will also provide hardware installation and cabling. By the end of the year, the system will be implemented on secondary process machines, and by the second quarter of 2023 it will be extended also to primary process machines.

The entire project will take place at the Rivanazzano plant and will involve nearly 100 machines that will be connected to the ANT system. The goal of the project is to increase OEE and all key performance indicators through innovative analytical software.


I’m really looking forward to seeing the start of the project!

What ANT provides Bormioli Pharma, it’s really complete, the system is flexible and adaptable to our needs. I like the fact that ANT is an end-to-end supplier.

As for me, I’m really happy with the machine connectivity module because it’s essential for my work, being able to see all the data in real time and share it with other departments in the company gives me a solid foundation to improve production and the plant.

维罗妮卡-奥托内罗 Industrial Process Engineer

Bormioli-Pharma 徽标

I am thrilled to start cooperation with Bormioli Pharma.

It is the next big partner in the Pharma and packaging industry. ANT is constantly growing and now we extend our presence in the Italian market. The project’s scope includes almost 100 machines, including injection, assembly and compression machines. ANT delivers a complete Smart Factory solution: hardware delivery, hardware and wiring installation, a concept with consulting, software implementation, training and providing SLA for two shifts.

I see big potential in cooperation and benefits for Bormioli Pharma to improve production f.e. report production faster, improve the OEE and let the managers work on the real data from machines.

Lukasz Iskra, Business Development Director


OEE Performance Monitoring:

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