Why should you focus on OEE Analysis?

ANT’s OEE Analysis is responsible for displaying our KPI together with availability, performance and quality. We give you the real data in real-time to show potential for optimizations. 

Managers are able to set individual OEE calculation methods dedicated for your factory. 

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) refers to a key figure established by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. It is a quick and simple analysis of optimization potential, which examines and measures the entire range of effectiveness losses of production facilities.  

On the one hand, the OEE shows the availability of your production plant. More significantly, it shows on the other hand where machine- and process-dependent performance loss occurs. These are the places where you lose money! We show you these weak point to improve your whole production. With our help, some of our customers were able to reach a shift OEE of awesome 96,8%.  

The root causes of not finishing production orders on time are not always easy to determine. The first question of the production director after missing the deadline should be: Where I had a drop in OEE? This is why you need various analyses and dig down tools to better understand your productivity.  

OEE waterfall shows in a precise way what time your resources work for the income of your company and what time you spend for reworks, failures, NOK production, downtimes, and other non-productive activities.  

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With our help, some of our customers were able to reach a shift OEE of awesome 96,8%

How to calculate OEE?

Performance, availability, and quality are the main factors for OEE calculations. Does it mean that there is only one proper way on how to calculate the OEE? Unfortunately no. Adapt the system to your group’s standards or discuss with our experts the best way to calculate OEE for your type of production. We can include all your important data to make the system most valuable for your needs. 

Be able to see transparent and dedicated KPIs for the whole factory, shift, line, machine in top-to-bottom analysis. 

Check this to get more about how to calculate your OEE: OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness – ANT Solutions 



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