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ANT Paperless System – RECARO Plant

RECARO Aircraft Seating is a global company based in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. It specialises in the assembly of aircraft seats. To learn more about RECARO click here.

The assembly process must comply with strict regulations as their content and official documents of the entire production process are stored on secure servers for a specific amount of time. This results in thousands of pages of data per assembly which must be scanned and stored physically with a different class of permission. In order to optimize the process RECARO implemented a modern paperless solution for its assembly line.

ǞǞǞ ANT paperless system is a digital way of managing the entire factory without any physical documents. It allows to generate documents in a digital form and allows the operator to have access to the technical drawing and other documents that are necessary for the correct installation of the aircraft seat.

ANT provided RECARO with a complete end-to-end implementation with several benefits, including fast access to data, efficient storage of reports, and the ability to send messages to employees. The system is also transparent, identifying who is responsible for confirming a particular order. RECARO streamlined their documentation process identifying multiple benefits:

  • A paperless system gave fast access to all data for the entire factory, such as employee data, production data, the possibility to send messages to a group of operators, and data from production like reports or production progress overviews. It allowed RECARO to standardize the entire process and enhance internal communication
  • Reports on the entire process of assembling an aircraft that used to take several thousand pages are now digitized and accessible from any device, increasing accessibility and saving time
  • Improved data quality due to automation
  • Increase transparency and safety by tracking and identifying responsible stakeholders for a particular production order.

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