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Quadpack是一家领先的包装解决方案制造商,决定采用著名的生产管理解决方案供应商ANT Solutions的新生产系统。 The new system will be implemented across two of Quadpack’s factories in Spain and Germany and will revolutionise the company’s production injection moulding, wood processing and decoration processes.

Quadpack’s investment in its manufacturing facilities is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing beauty brands with innovative, sustainable, and high-quality packaging solutions in the most agile and efficient way. With its global reach and focus on sustainability and innovation, Quadpack is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the beauty industry.

The project will include the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which will enable Quadpack to have the closest monitoring of its entire production process. The new system will also integrate an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integration, for seamless data management between different departments. Additionally, the solution will include a quality module that consists of Statistical Process Control (SPC), traceability features and digital forms, allowing for a paperless flow of documentation. To complete the entire software suite ANT Solutions will introduce its new Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool to optimise the production plan and its resources. Finally, the project will be complemented with a hardware component including IoT devices for edge data collection and complete hardware installation, including machine data acquisition, provided by ANT Solutions.

The entire solution will be based on a cloud-based architecture, which will provide Quadpack with real-time data analysis and decision-making capabilities.


The implementation of the new production system in Quadpack is anticipated to enhance the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) annually. Additionally, it is expected to reduce the lead time for products, which will improve the company’s capacity to meet customer requirements on time. Furthermore, the new system is projected to enhance the On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery rates.


The implementation of the new production system is expected to take place over the next few months, with full operation expected by May next year. The new system will be a major step forward for Quadpack and will help the company to keep developing its position as a leader in the cosmetics and skincare packaging industry.

With the ANT Solutions production management system, Quadpack will be able to further enhance its production processes and provide even better service to its customers. The MES, paperless, and APS modules will provide real-time data analysis and decision-making capabilities, enabling Quadpack to optimise its manufacturing processes and increase production efficiency and total capacity. The new system is also expected to decrease lead times and increase delivery rates, further improving Quadpack’s ability to meet customer needs.

In conclusion, Quadpack’s investment in the ANT Solutions production management system is a major step forward for the company. With its focus on sustainability, innovation, and efficiency, Quadpack is well-positioned to continue its leadership in the packaging industry and provide even better service to its customers.




法布里斯-雷弗特、 首席运营官


The project with Quadpack is exciting, combines two factories with different processes to one ANT ecosystem in the cloud. 

The goals we have for increasing OEE on production and optimising the production plan in APS will make Quadpack’s production more reliable and predictable with business growth. Beauty packaging is a demanding industry and ANT meets its requirements. ANT is expanding more and more, now starting projects in Spain and in Germany.

Lukasz Iskra, Business Development Director


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