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Today traceability or track and trace systems are the “must have” solutions in most high volume manufacturing. ANT has a big experience in complex implementations of traceability systems in automotive, food and beverages, tobacco, pharma and other industries, starting from process conception, through hardware delivery and installation, like barcode or RFID scanners or mobile terminals and labels, to advanced, real-time traceability systems integrated with MES and ERP.

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Although raw traceability systems do not generate direct profits, through using gathered data they can be processed for production performance analysis. That’s why a lot of our traceability implementations were entry points to further development of production performance monitoring, paperless or even complex MES solution.

We implement both process parameters traceability and material traceability systems. For process technology tracking, our systems record thousands of machine data acquired from PLCs and control devices, cameras, vision inspection systems, measurement equipment. Our process traceability systems are fully automated and they generate real-time reliable data matched to unique labels of final good products. The material traceability systems are in most cases fed with data provided by operators by scanning labels of components.

Because of different ways of production, in ANT we understand that each traceability system must be designed individually to match it to the entire manufacturing flow.


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