Real-time Production Scheduling

Real-time Production Scheduling

AOS: Real-time Production Scheduling is a final solution that combines the benefits resulting from all other ANT solutions.

Reliable real-time data derived directly from the production process for operators, machinery, maintenance technicians, quality controllers, logistics personnel and even energy consumption data enable to provide a production schedule updated every second.

real time scheduling monitor

AOS: Real-time Production Scheduling introduces a new quality in production planning, enabling previously unattainable optimization of production tasks and reliable control of production progress.

In order to ensure real-time system operation, it is necessary to implement the AOS: Solution in advance. Production Performance, and preferably also AOS: Maintenance and AOS: Changeovers.

Our customers who have implemented AOS: Real-time Production Scheduling together with the remaining ANT solution package reached the highest level of production optimization defined by Industry 4.0.

Key assumptions

  • Interaction with ERP systems – automatic transfer of production orders or trade orders, using data from the existing ERP system
  • Defining schedules on the basis of the real time of operation execution, determined dynamically on the basis of recorded runs in a specific time window, including:
    • The execution time of a production order and its preceding start-up time for a given product, on the machine and instrumentation specified by the selected operators.
    • Time of changeover from product A to B, on the machine indicated by selected maintenance technicians and operators
    • AM and PM cleaning and operation time on the indicated machine by selected maintenance technicians and operators
    • Period of troubleshooting according to its type, on the machinery indicated by the selected maintenance technicians.
  • Combination of scheduling production orders with maintenance orders, scheduled inspections and events.
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of implemented operations on production lines and presentation in a common graphical module.
  • Automatic recalculation of the events recorded by the production hall system for the time of subsequent operations, among others, determination of the time of completion of planned production orders, including e.g. estimation of the impact of the current failure.
  • Planning of PM orders execution deadlines. Indication of required deadlines for performing subsequent inspections for a given work center and allocation of specific tasks to real-time deadlines.
  • Identification and resolution of conflicts of maintenance resources.
  • Dedicated optimization algorithms taking into account individual technological, logistic and organizational capabilities of the plant.
  • A refined, modern graphical interface of the scheduling module provides excellent visualization of the production plant operation.