Manufacturing Quality Management

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Manufacturing Quality Management

In high volume and high complexity manufacturing, efficiency must go hand in hand with quality. In ANT we understand that, offering dedicated solutions that support quality supervisory processes that take place on the shopfloor, in warehouse and in laboratory. The general assumption is to make the quality control processes as  automated as possible which makes them very reliable, made on time, eliminating operator-related faults so their impact for efficiency is minimized.

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In ANT systems efficiency increase is being reached without compromise in assurance of the best quality.

Quality data taken directly from machines (PLC) or testers

If production machine is suitable to provide some quality measurements of when the tests are made by dedicated testers, there is obviously a possibility to catch that data automatically using dedicated interfaces.
The machine or testers data in most cases should be correlated with:

  • product identification, like: serial number, order number, batch number;
  • process identification, like: machine/operation number, operator id, date and time;
  • used materials identification: serial codes from material labels.

ANT systems allow to create dedicated interfaces for data collection from machines or testers as well as to provide operator terminals for additional manual data collection.

Shopfloor quality from manual testing

By implementation of shopfloor quality test stands situated close to machine or on separated stands located in other convenient place, ANT systems support operator manual testing.

  • assurance that test are executed in specified time by specified operator (no test sheets to fill just before leaving);
  • assurance that data is reliable – in most cases our system takes measurement data directly from testers, scales, laboratory equipment – eliminating manual rewriting;
  • online tests recording and processing. Tests results can automatically impact decision to stop production or to set machine parameters. If it is required, operator can have access to full SPC analysis;
  • thanks to real-time processing of tests results, it is possible to avoid production of goods which are bad or inconsistent with the specification;
  • elimination of paper documents processing, rewriting.

Laboratory systems / LIMS

ANT systems also support whole laboratory processes, by collecting laboratory measurements related to product or material samples. As general ANT approach, our LIMS solutions are dedicated for each plant and includes customized methodology of quality data storing and processing.

The quality subsystem is a part of a whole solution for production supervisory that is implemented by ANT. It uses common operator interfaces for collecting and displaying processed quality data or alerts and provides reporting and analyses of quality data that can be, e.g. correlated with OEE performance or maintenance KPI’s.

SPC Solutions

ANT software includes module for both typical and customized statistical processing, including: Gauss, Pareto, I-MR, Correlation, Ppk, Cpk and more.


Our implementations related with manufacturing quality reporting are very often triggered by TQM (Total Quality Management) methodology that is being introduced by our customers. Because of high complexity of ANT systems our clients in fact achieve a total solution, encapsulated in one software.


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