Paperless Production

Paperless Production

In a modern factory there is no place for paperwork, but savings on paper is the smallest of benefits.
All (printed today) production documents are displayed on ergonomic touch panels, located on each operator stands.
Product documentation, production guides, Kanban cards – sometimes it is one sheet of paper, sometimes it could be as many as 100 sheets… storing, finding, accessing and moving this is often a nightmare and a huge waste of time.

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  • assurance that operator uses the latest version of production manual
  • assurance that documents are proper for current product
  • no need for handwriting
  • easy to apply changes in production schedule – just display changed documentation on the machine.

Shopfloor quality tests benefits:


  • assurance that test are executed in specified time by specified operator (no test sheets to fill just before leaving).
  • assurance that data is reliable – in most cases our system takes measurement data directly from testers, scales, laboratory equipment eliminating manual rewriting.
  • nline tests recording and processing. Tests results can automatically impact decision to stop production or to set machine parameters. If it is required, operator can have access to full SPC analysis.
  • thanks to real-time processing of tests results, it is possible to avoid production of goods which are bad or inconsistent with the specification.
  • elimination of paper documents processing, rewriting.

Maintenance documentation benefits:


  • less time for paperwork gives more time for maintenance.
  • much better management and coordination of mechanics.
  • assurance that preventive maintenance actions are executed on time.
  • ANDON calls without papers give real speedup of repairs of machines.
  • maintenance KPIs like MTTR, MTBF are reliable and available in real-time.
  • more advanced reporting and analysis are available and give bigger knowledge how to prevent machine breakdowns even better.

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