Manufacturing Execution System


Manufacturing Execution System

ANT: MES module is well-fitting to factory, as automated as possible, light and extremely efficient.

reporting panel

MES implementation is one of the first steps to achieve Industry 4.0 standards.

Our MES solution fill the gap between ERP and shopfloor, allows to increase effectivness and eliminate the paper document flow.

ANT: MES is an effect of a professional connection of IT and industrial automation solutions. A unique system which is able to raise the production plant to a higher level of excellence – a superefficient, perfectly organized factory.

Ergonomic communication with the operators

Operators receive a tailor-made solution allows to report the production in real-time. System is well-designed with regard to UX.

Fast production reporting

Dedicated webbased visualization for operators and interfaces to machines level allows to automation the reporting. Using the touch panel and interactive application operator`s can very quickly report the results and progress of production and report every stage of the machines.

ERP systems interfaces

ANT: MES allows to connect to any ERP systems in different ways (web services, SQL/ODBC, flat-files). We have experienced with connection with ERP systems like: SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Infor, IFS, Comarch and many others.

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Dedicated ANT MES in most cases is implemented as
a full-featured system, deeply customised to plant in scope of:

  • Operator interface
  • Production orders execution (from ERP)
  • Reporting production in real-time
  • Product genealogy (traceability)
  • Material, machine parameters and tools validation
  • Shopfloor quality and SPC
  • Labels printing
  • Product assembly and packing
  • Production confirmation (to ERP)
  • Changeover management and validation
  • Waste management
  • Managers dashboards and reporting
  • Notifications


If a factory has already implemented MES, we offer to complement it by a dedicated solution that fills some gaps or improve existing functionality. The most often case is: to provide real-time data from machines and production lines (see Manufacturing Performance Supervisory) to create intuitive operator panel replacing paper documents, provide additional functions supporting machine’s operations.
Dedicated ANT: MES efficiently supports conducting of production process. It stands out from others with their functionality and, resulting from it, business benefits.

Business Objectives

  • Significant reduction in manufacturing cost
  • Improved usage of manufacturing resources
  • Provide better view of the whole production process, allowing to make comparisons between the production cells
  • Enforce manufacturing best practices and error-proofing,
  • Synchronize materials and operations,
  • Share and distribute best practices over the production sites
  • Maintain and warrant Best Practices while monitoring their effectiveness and efficiency
  • Platform for sustained continuous improvement
  • Directed manufacturing (component verification to prevent product integrity issues)
  • Interlocking traceability and genealogy covering materials (components and finished goods)
  • Reduces paperwork between shifts
  • Empowers plant operations people
  • Responds to unanticipated events
  • Provide immediate, on-line information that allow users to make decisions regarding production, plant resources and people.

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