Manufacturing Reporting

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Manufacturing Reporting

The fundamental resources of ANT systems are reliable data gathered automatically, in most cased directly from machines and devices. Next important thing is that ANT systems are able to acquire this data from various sources, both hardware and software. This way ANT systems offer access to processed data which correlated business and process values, giving realistic indicators, called KPIs.

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As most of ANT systems’ interfaces, reporting is also available via web browser. In customized system managers have access to dashboards, charts, tables, dedicated graphs, etc. By selecting specified time period and filters it is possible to create own data set and export it to Excel in .xls format.

In corporations we provide sometimes even dozens of existing reports’ templates, that are created  automatically by system after “one mouse-click” or are sent to specified mail boxes.


Automated reporting reduces paperwork, provides reliable data and gives access to them from browser on notebook, tablet or phone, inside or outside of manufacturing plant.


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