Manufacturing Performance

Manufacturing Performance

AOS: Production Performance is the most frequently implemented system in the first place, whose direct objective is to increase efficiency and productivity of production.

The operation of the system consists in monitoring and real-time evaluation of production.

OEE increase

Implementation of AOS: Production Performance brings on average a 20% increase in the OEE indicator in 3 to 9 months after implementation.

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Shared success

Improved productivity and reduction of losses directly translate into increased profits of the company. Together with managers we create a dedicated system based on experience, knowledge, ideas and… dreams. A significant increase in efficiency is confirmed by 350+ of successful implementations and common success gives all project participants a sense of good work done as well as fulfillment of professional ambitions.

In corporate companies, successful implementation of a system in one plant is often transferred to others, and the factory where the dedicated solution was created becomes a center of excellence and further development of the system.

Key assumptions

Identification of important parameters (hard states) that affect production efficiency

  • the state and mode of operation of the machine,
  • downtime codes, error codes
  • operation times – changeover, start-up, production, failure, cleaning, prevention
  • production rates – quantity counters for good and bad products, waste meters measured in pieces or other production units (mass, length)
  • nature and causes of the waste
  • technological parameters related to quality and production efficiency
  • standard OEE, FE, MTBF, MTTR indicators supplemented by dedicated KPIs enabling the settlement of the actual impact of the machine’s or employee’s performance on the total production result.

Maximum production registration automation

  • real-time recording
  • direct connection to production machines
  • introduction of manufacturing procedures to ensure that all significant production events are automatically or instantly recorded

Ergonomic communication with the operator (soft states)

  • well-designed with regard to UX, an interactive application on the touch panel available directly at the operator’s workstation
  • logging in of operators using the existing in-house access control system ID cards
  • creation of dedicated production scenarios including lists of causes of downtime, type of waste, maintenance calls, operations, quality control parameters, etc. which will be intuitively chosen by operators

Automatic communication with ERP systems

  • downloading a list of production orders in order to enable following the progress of their execution
  • a database of process parameters, in particular performance parameters
  • return to the ERP of data on progress of execution of orders and parameters of effectiveness of their execution



  • using automatically recorded data for the last few months of the year (moving window) to identify the actual achievable production targets
  • automation of the continuous improvement process
  • analysis of efficiency improvement trends, realizing the planned production results.



  • transparent production – graphic visualization of current production progress available to all interested parties.
  • commitment to efficient production of all employees of the company.
  • personalized performance indicators
  • positive feedback for operators, promoting leaders

Efficiency building programs

  • Implementation of PP as part of the corporate efficiency improvement program, e.g. IWS (Integrated Work System by Procter&Gamble)
  • System synergy with continuous improvement methodology


Machines Interfaces

Connection to production machines – direct communication with PLCs, automation systems or connection to control and measurement signals.
The system enables connection to the control systems of most machines, both equipped with modern PLC controllers and old ones, dedicated solutions or analogue and relay automation.

ERP systems interfaces

Automatic data exchange with ERP class systems.
The system enables data exchange with most ERP systems. Communication takes place via dedicated protocols, web service, access to databases. In case of IT limitations, alternative ways of data transfer are possible – files, e-mail correspondence, xml.

Managers interfaces

  • Management application – dashboard showing current production situation, historical data and predictions for the near future.
  • Dedicated BI analyses
  • Interactivity – interactions with other application users
  • Access to the management application from a browser on your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Operator interfaces

Automatic data exchange with other systems and software operating in the company, e.g.

  • Operator application dedicated to the production station
  • Automated operations – logging in with ID card readers, bar code scanning, communication with measurement devices,
  • Clear communication for the operator
  • Minimizing manual input by the operator.

Other systems interfaces

Automatic data exchange with other systems and software operating in the company, e.g.

  • integration with the access control system – a common employee database and the use of ID cards to log operators into the system.
  • Integration with CMMS systems
  • Integration with Quality, LIMS, SPC systems,
  • Integration with corporate reporting and documents.
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Implementation elements


System concept development – identification of optimization areas, including:
· audit,
· analysis,
· brainstorming,
· project


Delivery and assembly of equipment, including:
· Operator terminals, large-scale displays
· Machine communication modules


Implementation of a dedicated Production Performance system developed in the ANT: AOS system platform


Coverage of the system with 24/7 technical support with a monthly lump sum of working hours for a programmer / automotive engineer to introduce current changes.


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