Manufacturing Performance Supervisory

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Manufacturing Performance Supervisory

Thanks to unique design of ANT’s manufacturing monitoring solutions, implementations of our Manufacturing Performance Supervisory System make significant impact on overall efficiency and throughput of production lines.
From our experience, it is typical to reach 10 to 20% increase of OEE but sometimes we notice OEE growth of even more than 30% in the first month after implementation.
Our example customer having 10 production lines is able to achieve production level as if he had three extra lines.
This progress can be achieved without building extra production halls, buying extra machinery and employing extra workers.
So… The question isn’t if but when to implement ANT’s Manufacturing Performance Supervisory solution. And the correct answer is: ASAP!

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Key assumptions:

  • Automated gathering of real-time production data like: machine statuses (work, stop, breakdown with reasons), production (cycles) counters, production speed, waste counters, quality related parameters impacting OEE.
  • Logging into the system by operators using existing worker’s ID card.
  • Intuitive feedback from machine operators through graphical touch panel application with current production data and its evaluation (good, not good, in range, out of range… not only raw data):
    • Status: stop – (planned, unplanned) – breakdown reason, when occurred and how long it lasts.
    • Current production progress vs. requested (planned) progress: e.g. 200 of 230 done for this moment, which means 15 min. deviation from plan, and key reasons are: 6 min. delay because of changeover, 4 min. delay caused by breakdown type 1, 3 min. breakdown type 2, 2 minutes because production speed was lower than planned.
    • Current order execution vs. scheduled order and its progress. What is produced vs. what should be produced.
    • Current waste level vs. acceptable waste level.
    • Estimated time to finish current order.
    • Operator related KPI – factor for that operator has personal impact. Not OEE of the whole line, not even single machine. It is, for example, time of optimum fill and evacuation of products from machine buffer.
    • OEE and other dedicated KPIs like: AU, OE, MTBF, MTTR – real time calculation.
    • Transparent production – all the data is available in real-time for either all people from shopfloor or managers in the office. Being on the shopfloor or the office everybody can see what is happening on the production vs. what should be happening and why it is like that. This feedback should be known in 3-5 second after looking at a monitor.
  • Each operator’s stand (each machine or place where the operator is) should be equipped with touch screen panel showing dedicated graphical view of current production status, enabling to enter some additional information by the operator.
  • Large industrial monitors should be installed on the shopfloor (for each line or area, sometimes even for every single bigger machine) and display current production data with its evaluation.
  • Web based access for managers and all privileged users on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Manufacturing Performance Supervisory system is most often linked with Shopfloor Communication features like ANDON.


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